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Every year about 3 million individuals go in search for detox in the United States.

Medical detox is a practical alternative for a large number of those individuals who require a medication or an alcohol detox process that is medically healthy and very effective.

There are other detox techniques other than medical detox, for example, non-medical detox, or rapid detox, that have been turned out to be unsafe and even risky every now and then.

How about we begin with the best choice first; what is medical detox?


Intravenous (IV) therapy treatment is the best and safest technique for medical detox.

While undergoing IV drug detox, common and proven effective medications are channeled to the body through an IV while the person’s vitals and heart are monitored very closely.

This kind of treatment is done by medical specialists and registered nurses.

The reason for the IV drug detox is with the goal that any alterations that should be made during the process will immediately affect the person’s treatment and care.

There is a better quality of care that is given all through IV detox as patients are checked round the clock via careful and compassionate staff.

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Once the detox procedure is finished, the patient might be sent into a rehabilitation program where they will figure out how to reboot their life if necessary.


One sort of medical detox that is ineffective is the standard Methadone Clinic. Methadone transfers the user from one substance to Methadone, which is a controlled substance.

The issue with this sort of treatment is that the individual is never totally free of medication or liquor use in light of the fact that they are as yet reliant on a medication for their long term comfort as opposed to being without drug and proceeding onward to a more effective way of life.

Regularly, the withdrawal symptoms from Methadone long term, even worse and more terrible than the withdrawal of the substance they were at first taking, typically heroin or other opiates.

A few specialists utilize vitamin and meditation treatment to help individuals with drug detox and alcohol detox conditions.

This sort of detox is known as a non-medical detox. Professionals of vitamin treatment trust that by flushing the system with very large measures of Vitamin C and different vitamins the drugs and alcohol are washed from the body and after that the individual can start recovery.

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This kind of treatment is to a greater degree a cold turkey way to deal with halting drug and alcohol consumption.

The issue here is that alcohol withdrawal and a few sorts of medical withdrawal have side effects that are awkward and excruciating and may cause seizures and even demise if not treated right.

Medical detox and non-medical detox treatments may likewise give group counselling sessions in which individuals share with each other their reason behind their drugs and alcohol use.

Some detox clinic likewise offer talk therapy; one on one counselling sessions to examine their reason for using drugs and alcohol.

Talk therapy by and large includes delving deeply into the background and history of the individual looking for help.

This sort of treatment is risky in that the counselor is in the position to put forth his or her perspectives for the individual and to impact the drug or alcohol user’s sentiments when the patient is immensely receptive and vulnerable.


Finding which detox program is appropriate for you is essential to guarantee your success.

Once your body is flushed clean of the drugs and alcohol, your approach to substance use is essential.

While 12 Step programs will reveal to you that you have a disease and that you can’t resist alcohol and drug usage, in all actuality you do have an option and you always have options.

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Drug and alcohol use are not an diseases, there is no alcoholic or drug addict gene, and you can decide not to use drugs and alcohol.

At the St. Jude Retreats, you can acquire knowledge on how to develop various habits and behaviors that will lead you to an life that is free of alcohol and drugs eternally.

You can take control of your life once again from substance use.


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