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10Top 10 Most Iconic Buildings And Important Monuments In The World

A good landscape design is the one with bright green ground, snow clad mountains, blooming flowers and fresh water streams.

While all these are gifts of nature, man’s input to the good landscape design is structures.

From the Skyscrapers of New York adoring the Manhattan horizon to the Artificial Palm islands of Dubai, people have similarly contributed in embellishing the feel and scene of famous destinations.

We have made a list of the Top 10 Most Iconic Buildings And Important Monuments In The World for you.

Sydney Opera House

Most Iconic Places And Important Monuments In The World:  Sydney Opera House.

Announced as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, Opera House is a standout among the most iconic buildings and important monuments in the world today.

Standing tall at 185 meters with a width of 120 meters, the building was designed by a Danish Architect Jorn Utzon.

His plan was chosen as the number 1 design among 232 different proposals in an international design competition, 1957 presenting him with a prize cash of 5000 pounds.

Work began on it two years after the competition with 10,000 developers on payroll.

Till the time it was completed, the cost of the venture climbed as high as 102 million Australian Dollars.

The formal opening of the building occurred on 20 October 1973.

Paul Robeson was the premier artist to perform at the Sydney Opera House in 1960. The first musical show performed at the house was Sergei Prokofiev’s War and Peace, on September 28 1973.

About 30,000 shows occur here annually and is visited by about 8 million people worldwide.

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