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10Top 10 Alarming And Shocking Medical Mistakes Ever Made

Hospitals should be the safest spots where treatment and healing takes place.  Patients look to the professional staff and specialized facilities for answers to their illnesses.

Unfortunately, hospitals these days fails us. People make mistakes.  Mistakes can occur in any profession.

Some of the most exasperating medical mistakes happen when a patient is unconscious in the theater.

There are numerous things that can turn out badly in the hospital.  Here is a rundown of 10 disturbing medical mistakes:

Removed More Than Expected

Imagine waking up from surgery only to discover your private parts gone attributable to some medical mistakes.

Hurshell Ralls, 67 years of age, woke from surgery to hear that the surgeons were successful at removing all the cancer from his bladder.

However, the doctors likewise removed his penis and testicles.  “I was one frantic man,” Ralls said in an interview.

Ralls additionally said that the specialists never recommended the likelihood of removing his balls and penis. 

The circumstance turned out to be more regrettable when later it was discovered that cells from Ralls’ penis tested negative for penile cancer.  A settlement was agreed in Ralls’ civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum.



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