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Drugs are substances that are initially utilized as a part of medicine in view of the end goal to cure sicknesses and relief pain.

As the years passed by, individuals began drug abuse for their forces and abusing them, bringing about risky circumstances and now and then death. The accompanying list incorporates top 10 of the deadliest street drugs on the planet.

10Purple Drank

Purple drank is a drug that was promoted in the 90s hip hop culture.

It’s a mix of a prescription cough syrup which contains codeine and promethazine, blended with soda pops, for example, Sprite or Mountain Dew. Some of the time a Jolly Rancher is tossed in for additional sweetness and shading.

The impact of this blend is known as swooning euphoria, which is a soothing impact that makes the individual sipping it woozy.

Purple Drank has caused many striking deaths of addicts. DJ Screw, who promoted the drink, died of a codeine-promethazine-liquor overdose in 2000.

At any rate other three hip hop rappers or makers have died as a result of this particular drug abuse.



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