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9Top 10 Poisonous Beauty Products Once Used And Still In Use

Long have ladies and men sought after an ethereal gleam and endlessly youthful skin. Many have pronounced a readiness to kick the bucket for it and some really “have” in the look for a miracle cosmetic.

All through the ages we have accidentally slathered our complexions in an evil flood of dangerous chemicals and taken deadly measurements of Beauty medicines.

Here are the absolute most stunning and shameful cosmetic catastrophes through the centuries.

Check out the top 10 Most poisonous beauty products ever used

Lead Based Eye Paint

In the Egyptian Era, ladies and men alike ached for an emotional emphasizd eye.

They accomplished this sought-after look by fastidiously following a thick line of Lead based eye paint around the whole eye.

After some time the toxic invention would definitely cause serious eye irritation.

However, this eye paint likewise could lead to mental degeneration and even death in the event that one were so conceited to utilize it consistently.

Its one of the most poisonous beauty products ever used.



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