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We all envision a future loaded with bliss and comfort. Looking back in history, it isn’t difficult to figure that future will most likely be more comfortable for people (don’t tune in to those sci-fi movies), however the likelihood of potential disaster will always exist.

In any case, we should accept that our future will be better, and the new technological innovations we have incorporated into this list could be useful doing that. So how about we get into the list of 10 late advancements that can improve our lives less demanding and in not so distant future.

10Nimble Robots

Recently scientists have made machines that can adjust, walk and keep running crosswise over harsh and uneven landscape, making them much more helpful in exploring human environment.

For a decades people have been sitting tight for robots to come in our lives. There’s almost certainly that in not so distant future robots will be our companions, pets, assistants and even spouses. Development of Agile robots is one of the very new future technology inventions.



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