Gohgh Dragon God Warrior
In the Hundred Realms Continent, a prophecy says that the mightiest cultivator who will be borned from the Dragon God Mother and save the continent from the Demon tribe. Long Lao Er is a young kid from the Dragon Realm who after befriending the young Dragon Princes, needs to work up the courage to start his cultivation journey, he must train hard, experience adventure and meet trouble before he can...
SunJia345 Side Character Quick Transmigration
She thought she was someone ordinary. Yet, she was chosen for reason she doesn't want to comprehend.
Mavikartal2003 Guide to Mavikartal2003’s Multiverse
Information about the multiverse that my stories will take place in
SupremeAuthor Vampire Prince
They say that age is just a number. A number that helps us remember. A number that keeps us in track, but what happens when age no longer has a limit. What happens when you no longer wish to remember? What then? In one word Freedom. Luke stood as he gazed upon the millions of dead bodys around him. It seems... I will need a new place to call home. He turned around and looked up into space. Not to...
Chizaruu To Tell A Tale
Poems that tell a tale
Celestially_Mortal Nothing to Everything
"I can create oceans and continents, I can rise a great civilization or be the reason of it's downfall, with a flick of my hand everything would turn to nothing, with my will from nothing there WILL be everything." After an interstellar incident caused by the implosion of dark matter in the Solar System, Brian, the only casualty in the said incident, was swallowed by the energy wave of the dark...

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