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Blue wind chimes with little bells and feathers hung at the window of the room, making sounds every time the wind blew in and out. It was the time of spring. A quiet afternoon like any other day.

At one of the house, a man sat on the bed flipping the newspaper in his hand which he had picked for amusement. His attention from the paper was taken away when the baby he was assigned to look after crawled to the edge of the bed. Leaning forward, he picked the little one to place it back in the middle.

Opening his mouth wide, he yawned.

Where were her parents? Snapping his fingers he saw both the parents of the child in the kitchen making plans about which pre-school to send their daughter to. Humans were always like this. Negligent. They were one of the many flaws in their father's creation. If it weren't for his kind, the humans would have lost their path a long time ago. It had been eons since he started working as an angel but now he had grown tired of the same work. He had lost count on everything as he was growing old. He wanted to go on a vacation, have a family of his own like the humans did.

After spending a few hours of deep thinking he walked towards the bed to touch the baby's forehead. He blessed her to stay in the bed until another one took his place and vanished in thin air.

Unfortunately, on the way to the gates of heaven, the angel forgot to mention about his retirement to the Guardians of Adam and Eve's children which left the baby without an angel.

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Months passed by when a dark hooded figure that was passing by the baby's house stopped in his tracks to stare at the house from outside. The dark hooded figure was none other than a creature that belonged to the dark underworld, the kind that took souls who were called as death reapers. The reaper wore a black suit and an overcoat, its jackal-like face which was darker than the usual ones holding a pair of antlers on his head was now covered by a hood, making its appearance only taller and intimidating in fright. He had come to collect her parent's soul who had passed away in a car accident a few hours ago, their soul was at the house when he noticed that the child had no guardian angel in sight.

How rare, the reaper thought to himself, he could perhaps save her from the oncoming misery by taking her soul with him right now.

Human souls were extremely precious and to have a soul which hadn't been tainted in the human world, thought the reaper to himself. Adjusting his hooded cloak he looked at the baby's death date and shook his head. She was going to die in a span of five years, surely he could wait until then.

Nina, the little girl grew up with her maternal aunt Zoe. After her parents passed away, her aunt who was unmarried took her in. Having a successful career in the legal department, she had been self-sufficient and didn't feel th

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