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She opened her eyes with a groan and tried her best to rise from bed she waking from, to a cold that seemed to cut into her skin that seemed to ignore that she was completely clothed and covered and with good straw as the one made her bed. Sister Anise was yelling for her and the four other girls in the room to get ready for morning mass. It was the months of demons, and as much as she didn't want to rise to a day with no sun, the wind from the window that the Sister forcibly opened made a possible yet uncomfortable sleep in the cold but with with fire now dead made it impossible due to the rooms temperature likely guaranteeing she'd die if she tried to.

She didn't like getting up to pray so soon as she woke. Those stiff moments never were as heartfelt than when she prayed on her own in the afternoon after finishing work, she wondered if a will to follow god could even be sincere at all when at a mandated time?


After the boring morning mass in which she tried to pass the time counting the moments left till the priest would demand a response from the audience or when a hymn would come up to stop the monologue of a man who seemed to have more talent to lullabies than sermons. There came the moment when she and the others were finally free to sluggishly go for breakfast. She had a feeling that this day was gonna be a bad one.


"Why does she get more food than us!?"

Seeing Sister Anise about to give another ladle-full of oatmeat to Drist when the others got only half of one finally made her angry to the point of rebuking her, not caring whether she would be punished after, as the manish Drist was the only girl among all those in the convent that seemed to be getting fatter while others occasionally even fainted living from meal to meal.

"Jealousy is a very grave sin child. She plays the bell and needs her strength." Sister Anise paused giving her a look that was supposed to be holy and wise but always simply showed her condescension.

She felt slightly glad even though she got undeservingly insulted.

Because she had a comeback.

"Playing the bell is something she should not be doing at all since that is a job... a chore that is supposed to be of those who completed the 3rd sacrament to become a proper member of the Church! The holy book says so! As no one should have the right to guide others beside those that properly represent the light of God! And so it is in any function that implies guidance such as awakening the acolytes much less the bell that is vital to even the chief priest in the convent!"

Sister Anise actually looked surprised for a second then looked like she swallowed a bug and somehow wanted to spit it back in her face. Sister Anise then looked at Drist with a look that seemed ready to discharge her frustration at her which made the girl leave hastily without her extra ladle.

Much to Zero's delight.

She finally won a bout against that evil woman that use

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