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A girl has no dream. A girl has no ambition. She just wants to live and survive in this world. That is who is she. The one and only Ally Carthwood. She does not have anything nor anyone. She is all alone. She is just living in a soon-to-be-destroyed house due to its oldness.

But one day, when she was about to go home coming from the train station, she was abducted for a reason that she does not know. She had lost conscoiusness and was not able to fight.

When she woke up, she found herself in a laboratory surrounded by people in white uniforms. She found some strange tubes that connects her body into a machine. She tried to get herself out but she can't because her hand was tied so she made herself calm instead.

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"Where am I?" she said.

"In Collosus Academy" the lady with a curly brown hair with a name tag Dr. Angela Crawn answered. They were currently running some test in her.

Dr. Angela was holding an injection and she was about to get a blood sample from her.

"What is that? What are you going to do?" her voice are already trembling due to fear. She is so afraid.

"Relax sweety, I'll just get some blood of yours." Dr. Angela said with her gentle voice.

Then she felt a pain in some part of her arm. Seems like the blood sample was alredy taken.

"Colosus Academy?" she repeated with a tone like asking.

The old man with white hair with a name tag Dr. Alfred Hatherns just nodded as a sign of yes.

"For what?" she then asked again hoping to get an information.

"Do you know 'THE LEGENDARY 4' and the other heroes? You are going to be one of them" Dr. Alfred answered.

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