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theorific > Starship troopers:Taking back Mars > 1 Chapter one: Camp Reclamation
Major Alexander "Bulldog" Botchner

Status: Aboard the FSS Interceptor, accompanied by Captain Shay Marx and the trainees of cadet corps 212th "Gamma Company"; en-route to Eos city, western hemisphere, Planet Mars.

Sit Rep: Command has authorized the construction of an F.O.B. on the planets surface, Gamma Company Deployed as first responders.

End Status Report…

Major Botchner stood next to the entrance of the dropship's cabin, a tasty Cuban cigar in his mouth. He gazed over the faces of Gamma Company, too many of them new to him. Removing his stogie, exhaling the smoke, he spoke, "Alright listen up! Command has given us a priority one mission. We are to establish and defend an F.O.B., designated Camp Reclamation, within Eos city. Command doesn't know what we'll expect upon insertion so be prepared for anything. Teams Alpha and Bravo will be under the command of Captain Marx and will be responsible for establishing our perimeter. Charlie, Delta, and Echo teams are to begin construction of basic fortifications until a time where more permanent ones can be established. Any questions?"

Botchner looked around the hold and saw one of the recruits hesitantly raising his hand. "This ain't grade school rook, spit it out!" he barked, startling the trooper. "S-Sir," the rookie stuttered, "I know this may sound stupid sir but what do we do if a large number of bugs overrun Camp Reclamation during construction?" The Major stared down the young man, "Well since Karma's a bitch, be a bitch to the bugs. Is that understood Private Karma?" "S-Sir that's not my-" Botchner cut him off, "I SAID is that understood Private Karma?" Chastised, Karma answered glumly, "Yes sir." Botchner looked around the hold, "ANYONE ELSE?" "NO SIR!" came the collective response. "Good," the Major stuck his cigar back in his mouth.

A few minutes later the pilot came over the intercom, "3 minutes till impact!" Almost immediately, Captain Marx stood up and secured his equipment to his body. "Alpha, Bravo, ready up. Corporal Santana, with me," he said in a neutral tone. He walked to the back of the transport with the slightly fumbling recruit trailing. "Teams you have your assignment upon insertion, the corporal and I will be providing over-watch," the stoic captain's fist hit the release button. Rushing air threatened to rip everyone from their seats despite the restraints. "Sir, what are you-" Marx grabbed the back of Santana's armor and casually jumped from the transport. The young corporal screamed as they fell until the telltale jerk of a jetpack slowly set them on top of a skyscraper. The recruits back in the transport couldn't help but stare in fear, one commenting, "Oh my god, the Captain's a lunatic…"

"No," Botchner puffed his cigar, "He's just thinking ahead loud mouth." The major said with a stern face as he activated his helmet, the new recruits got a good glimpse of the majors helmet and remembered every detail they could remember, the two Bulldog fangs baring out over the majors mouth piece and the rearing mad eyes of a bulldog over his visor and the unit number on the top of his helmet the distinguished 212th stood out bold in black decal. The three dropships hit the ground in their designated crash course and slowly skidded to a stop.

The hatches opened and all teams quickly fled from the dropships performing their routines of executing a perimeter formation around their exit point. The major stood and waved his troopers forward giving them the okay to move up. They slowly got closer to the city entrance being carful and checking all their spots of vision, searching for anything that could be dangerous.

The Captain and his corporal set up shop and slowly watched the teams enter the city. Santana moved her sights on movement not even three blocks from the majors position. "Major this is Reaper two I got movement three blocks due north of your position, say again enemy movement to the north, good hunting and god speed majo

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