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When A Mage Revolts

Author: Yin Si

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Latest chapter: Chapter 942: Ten Years in the Kingdom

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《When A Mage Revolts》Latest chapter
Chapter 942: Ten Years in the Kingdom
Chapter 941: Fallen
Chapter 940: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 939: Forbidden Spell
Chapter 938: The Final Battle
Chapter 937: Unconscious Grant
Chapter 936: True Self
Chapter 935: Complete Elimination
Chapter 934: Savior
Chapter 933: An Unacceptable Truth
Chapter 932: A Long Dream
Chapter 931: System Crash
《When A Mage Revolts》' main text
Chapter 942: Ten Years in the Kingdom
Chapter 941: Fallen
Chapter 940: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 939: Forbidden Spell
Chapter 938: The Final Battle
Chapter 937: Unconscious Grant
Chapter 936: True Self
Chapter 935: Complete Elimination
Chapter 934: Savior
Chapter 933: An Unacceptable Truth
Chapter 932: A Long Dream
Chapter 931: System Crash
Chapter 930: A Conversation About the Throne
Chapter 929: After the Battle
Chapter 928: The Exhausted Imperial Capital
Chapter 927: The Defeat of the Church
Chapter 926: The Penultimate Debut
Chapter 925: A Battlefield Fraught with Anxiety
Chapter 924: The Slack Army
Chapter 923: Blocking Cannonballs With the Body
Chapter 922: An Absolutely Unimaginable Method of Attack
Chapter 921: A Dangerous Battle Strategy
Chapter 920: A Meeting Between Two Parties
Chapter 919: Capture
Chapter 918: The Griffin King
Chapter 917: Desperate Measures
Chapter 916: There Is No Other Meaning
Chapter 915: Reinforcements
Chapter 914: The Battle to Withdraw
Chapter 913: The Ambush by the Church
Chapter 912: Shifting
Chapter 911: Under the Surface of the Water
Chapter 910: The Siege
Chapter 909: The Crucial Transmission
Chapter 908: An Unreliable Battle Strategy
Chapter 907: A Game of Chess from the Deceased
Chapter 906: Wood's Vengeance
Chapter 905: The Third Force
Chapter 904: Cruel
Chapter 903: Infiltrators
Chapter 902: An Endless Stream of Troublemakers
Chapter 901: The King's Funeral
Chapter 900: The Fake Mages
Chapter 899: The Troubles of the Academy
Chapter 898: Joining the Barriers
Chapter 897: The Counterattack Before the Retreat
Chapter 896: The Hidden Troop
Chapter 895: An Extremely Different Battle Technique
Chapter 894: Fire At You, Fire At Me
Chapter 893: The Attack on the City Begins
Chapter 892: Sneak Attack?
Chapter 891: On the Eve of a Great Battle
Chapter 890: We Have Not Lost
Chapter 889: Return to the City
Chapter 888: Escape
Chapter 887: Statue of Holy Light
Chapter 886: The Escape of the Ice Ship
Chapter 885: Survivor
Chapter 884: Delay
Chapter 883: The Collapsed Tunnel
Chapter 882: An Evil Innocence
Chapter 881: Attack on Worchester
Chapter 880: The Returning Nobles
Chapter 879: The Black Cross
Chapter 878: Elusive
Chapter 877: A New Battleplan
Chapter 876: The Exiled Nobles
Chapter 875: Empty-Handed
Chapter 874: Mobilization and Blockade
Chapter 873: Repentance
Chapter 872: The Submission of the Rebel Army
Chapter 871: “Traitor”
Chapter 870: A Triumphant Return
Chapter 869: Murder Caused by a Bag of Money
Chapter 868: The Battle of Rhein City
Chapter 867: Before the Battle
Chapter 866: Taking Over Things
Chapter 865: The First Issue of the Truth News
Chapter 864: The Trump Card of the Nobles
Chapter 863: Not Withdrawing, Bullheaded
Chapter 862: Reversal
Chapter 861: The Broken Heavenly Sword
Chapter 860: Rescue
Chapter 859: Shifting the Focus
Chapter 858: A Sudden Attack
Chapter 857: Tragic Past
Chapter 856: Back to Business
Chapter 855: News of a Death
Chapter 854: The Undercurrent of the Capital
Chapter 853: A Great Collapse
Chapter 852: We Quit!
Chapter 851: Gradual Expansion
Chapter 850: The First Meeting
Chapter 849: The Meeting on a Ship
Chapter 848: The Black Nightmare Society
Chapter 847: A New Way to Use an Old Book
Chapter 846: Moderate Reformists
Chapter 845: The Pope’s Fury
Chapter 844: The Satire Comic
Chapter 843: Prelude
Chapter 842: Preparation for the Half Million
Chapter 841: The First Step in Uprooting the Church
Chapter 840: The Plan to Leave the Capital City
Chapter 839: The Intentions Behind
Chapter 838: The Trail Disappears
Chapter 837: The Reappearance of A Forbidden Spell?
Chapter 836: Advancement
Chapter 835: Sneaking Into the Cathedral
Chapter 834: Disguised As A Holy Knight
Chapter 833: The Plan, and Matters Outside of the Plan
Chapter 832: The Meeting with Wood
Chapter 831: An Absurd Proposal
Chapter 830: Progress
Chapter 829: Elemental Disasters
Chapter 828: To the Astonishment of the Protagonist
Chapter 827: An Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 826: Back to the Academy
Chapter 825: Escape
Chapter 824: Gone, But Returned
Chapter 823: An Eternal Dilemma
Chapter 822: Separate
Chapter 821: While Escaping
Chapter 820: Let Us Just Withdraw
Chapter 819: How To Restrain the Undead
Chapter 818: The Bone Dragon
Chapter 817: The Spirit of Bones
Chapter 816: You Will Die If You Overeat
Chapter 815: Rescue
Chapter 814: An Advanced Level of Magic Immunity
Chapter 813: The Ambush of the Revenant
Chapter 812: Report on the Revenants
Chapter 811: Deep Sea Domain
Chapter 810: The Limited Water Silk
Chapter 809: The Fall from the Star Chart
Chapter 808: Going Back to the Timeline
Chapter 807: The Conversation That Never Happened
Chapter 806: An SMS From the Other World
Chapter 805: The Black Hole in Space
Chapter 804: The Legend of the Heart of Souls
Chapter 803: Returning With Fruitful Results
Chapter 802: Rescue
Chapter 801: The Annihilation of the Worshippers from Across the Sea
Chapter 800: A Tragic Death
Chapter 799: Cannibalism
Chapter 798: Exposed
Chapter 797: The Heart of the Soul
Chapter 796: Ancestral Sleeping Ground
Chapter 795: The Tense Atmosphere between Two Churches
Chapter 794: Rescue
Chapter 793: Desperate Avengers
Chapter 792: The True and the False
Chapter 791: The Elder that Disappeared
Chapter 790: Releasing the Fleet
Chapter 789: Pull in to Shore
Chapter 788: Party to Lead the Way
Chapter 787: Out to Sea
Chapter 786: A New Suggestion
Chapter 785: The Start of School, and the Memorial
Chapter 784: Back to Work
Chapter 783: The End of The War
Chapter 782: The Infiltrators Are Infiltrated
Chapter 781: A Sudden Retreat
Chapter 780: The Growth of a Genius
Chapter 779: The Enemy Who Could Not Be Suppressed
Chapter 778: Besiege
Chapter 777: Ambush
Chapter 776: Charging towards Regina
Chapter 775: Light Slayers
Chapter 774: The Fall of Regina
Chapter 773: A Counterattack
Chapter 772: A Night Intrusion
Chapter 771: Dangerous Plan
Chapter 770: New Deployment
Chapter 769: Robust Light Bombing
Chapter 768: First Day's Curtain Fall
Chapter 767: Reincarnation in the Form of Light
Chapter 766: The Third Figure
Chapter 765: The Mirror Surfaces of Light and Water
Chapter 764: The Sudden Retreat and Gunfire
Chapter 763: The Bloody Phoenix
Chapter 762: A Great, Chaotic Battle
Chapter 761: A Rancor that Broke Out
Chapter 760: Siege
Chapter 759: Provoke
Chapter 758: Probing
Chapter 757: A Failed First Round of Attack
Chapter 756: The Holy Cannon’s Barrage
Chapter 755: The Church's Grand Army
Chapter 754: Forging Letters
Chapter 753: Shady Characters
Chapter 752: Determination
Chapter 751: The Predicament
Chapter 750: The Forest Fire
Chapter 749: The Holy Flames of Sacrifice
Chapter 748: The Start of the Retaliation
Chapter 747: Bait
Chapter 746: Ambush
Chapter 745: The Remaining Army
Chapter 744: Freedom in Jeopardy
Chapter 743: A Way to Keep a Secret
Chapter 742: The Third Coup
Chapter 741: A Sudden Conquer
Chapter 740: Spirit Familiar
Chapter 739: The Church’s Recent Movements
Chapter 738: Prototype Military
Chapter 737: A Man Without Life
Chapter 736: Rendezvous
Chapter 735: A Successful Breakout
Chapter 734: Unexpected Reinforcements
Chapter 733: Who Was Found
Chapter 732: Encirclement
Chapter 731: Genuine and Fake
Chapter 730: Long Awaited Crystal Ball
Chapter 729: Collision beyond Humanity
Chapter 728: Ultimate Light Threads
Chapter 727: Sunken Ship in River Valley
Chapter 726: Supply Cutting Team
Chapter 725: Firearms Conference
Chapter 724: Prototype
Chapter 723: Getting the Key Back
Chapter 722: The Spirit and the Worshipper From Overseas
Chapter 721: Revert To Normal
Chapter 720: Transmutation
Chapter 719: Preparation
Chapter 718: Secrets of the Revenant
Chapter 717: Returning to the Academy
Chapter 716: Turning Back
Chapter 715: The World on the Other Side
Chapter 714: Parasitic
Chapter 713: Capturing a Spirit
Chapter 712: Hunting Down Spirits
Chapter 711: The Spirits in the Abyss
Chapter 710: A Profound Secret
Chapter 709: A Familiar Voice
Chapter 708: An Uncrossable Mountain
Chapter 707: The Crazy Pursuit
Chapter 706: The Secret Door and The Key
Chapter 705: Another Deserter
Chapter 704: The Failed Operation
Chapter 703: Trump Card
Chapter 702: The Business of the Academy
Chapter 701: Crystal Production Formation
Chapter 700: Ambitious Plan
Chapter 699: The Fulners’ Encore Envoy
Chapter 698: Branch Campus Development
Chapter 697: Undercover Mages
Chapter 696: The Mages’ Standings
Chapter 695: Return to the Academy
Chapter 694: Successful Purification
Chapter 693: Spying on the Church
Chapter 692: Multiple Splits
Chapter 691: Psychic Powers
Chapter 690: Backfired Potion
Chapter 689: Fragile Devotions
Chapter 688: The Sleeping Guardsmen
Chapter 687: The Figures Which Entered the Palace
Chapter 686: Luring a Snake from its Den
Chapter 685: A Mentally Handicapped Rune
Chapter 684: A Spirit’s Tragic Death
Chapter 683: Spiritual Energy Barrier
Chapter 682: Worshipper from Across the Seas
Chapter 681: Preach
Chapter 680: The Feast at Hongmen
Chapter 679: Arguments and Prejudices
Chapter 678: Carretas’s Opposition
Chapter 677: Magic Academy Branch
Chapter 676: The Real Counterattack
Chapter 675: Things Will Get Rough
Chapter 674: The Correct Way to Introduce Oneself
Chapter 673: The Birth of a Drama Queen
Chapter 672: The Scramble for the Results
Chapter 671: Illicit Competition
Chapter 670: The Mage Who Divulged a Secret
Chapter 669: Uncovering Truth
Chapter 668: Flee
Chapter 667: Epic Collision
Chapter 666: Breaking into Jail Forcefully
Chapter 665: Seeking the Truth
Chapter 664: Patricide
Chapter 663: Coronation Ceremony
Chapter 662: Shocking News
Chapter 661: A New Direction
Chapter 660: The Rune in His Irises
Chapter 659: An Abrupt Exit
Chapter 658: Fundamental Issues
Chapter 657: Conjuring the Star Chart
Chapter 656: The Researcher's Spirit
Chapter 655: A Belated Letter Home
Chapter 654: The First Meeting
Chapter 653: The Academy’s Information Network
Chapter 652: The Queen's Ending
Chapter 651: A New Regime
Chapter 650: A Poor Choice
Chapter 649: Runic Technique
Chapter 648: The Messengers from the Two Countries
Chapter 647: The Troublesome Aftermath
Chapter 646: Ending the Battle
Chapter 645: A Collision of Forces
Chapter 644: Horde War
Chapter 643: The Ambush and the Counter-ambush
Chapter 642: Mammoth Shield Rune
Chapter 641: Mage Guild Liberation
Chapter 640: Situation under Control
Chapter 639: The Turn of Events at the Banquet
Chapter 638: The Banquet
Chapter 637: The Silent Cathedral
Chapter 636: Stopping the Plague
Chapter 635: The Difficulty of Stigmatization
Chapter 634: The Internal Conflict of The Church
Chapter 633: Abyss Trial
Chapter 632: Abyss Trial
Chapter 631: A Dead Land
Chapter 630: Cain’s Illusion
Chapter 629: Primeval Magic
Chapter 628: Backtrack of Time
Chapter 627: Ancient Battleground
Chapter 626: The Strange Elemental Organisms
Chapter 625: The Dark Valley
Chapter 624: Infiltrating the Ruins
Chapter 623: The Guards of the Prison Ruins
Chapter 622: Return to the Royal City
Chapter 621: The Cemetery Visitors
Chapter 620: The Church Serial Killings
Chapter 619: The Falling Raindrops onto the Church
Chapter 618: Smuggling People across the Border
Chapter 617: Recognition
Chapter 616: Leaked Whereabouts
Chapter 615: A New Batch of Mages
Chapter 614: Homeland and Old Friends
Chapter 613: A Request from the Noble
Chapter 612: A Noble Visitor
Chapter 611: The Syntax of the Runes
Chapter 610: Black Operation of the Academy
Chapter 609: The Lacing Plan
Chapter 608: Antidote
Chapter 607: Prisoners
Chapter 606: A Surprising Name
Chapter 605: Appearance
Chapter 604: The Mysterious Siege
Chapter 603: A Thief Crying “Catch the Thief!”
Chapter 602: Going Out for Practical Training
Chapter 601: The Effectiveness of An Antidote
Chapter 600: Public Magic Lessons
Chapter 599: Traumatized
Chapter 598: Defying Logic
Chapter 597: Pride or Arrogance
Chapter 596: An Unexpected Sparring Invitation
Chapter 595: Sparring Exam
Chapter 594: The Exams Begin
Chapter 593: The Preparation for The Midterm Examinations
Chapter 592: The Water Element Domain
Chapter 591: The Power of the New Spell
Chapter 590: Provocation
Chapter 589: The Mages Organization’s Visit
Chapter 588: Lies About the Magic Potion
Chapter 587: Magic Potion Department
Chapter 586: Elemental Order
Chapter 585: Attempt
Chapter 584: Secrets of the Runes
Chapter 583: The Operation of the Academy
Chapter 582: An Omniscient Image
Chapter 581: Five Billion Incantations
Chapter 580: The Priest Who Was Emptied
Chapter 579: The Failed Spell Slot
Chapter 578: Doing as He Pleases for Ten Minutes
Chapter 577: A Whole New World
Chapter 576: Familiar Memories
Chapter 575: Stolen Spiritual Energy
Chapter 574: Something That Should Not Be There
Chapter 573: The Hall under the Halo
Chapter 572: The Unexpected Guest
Chapter 571: School Opening Ceremony
Chapter 570: Preparation Before the Ceremony
Chapter 569: The First Day of School
Chapter 568: The Academy’s Ambition
Chapter 567: Cultivation From the Teacher
Chapter 566: This is What You Call an Academy
Chapter 565: A Shocking Visit
Chapter 564: Visiting Guests
Chapter 563: Magic Rank in its Embryonic State
Chapter 562: Return Journey
Chapter 561: Resolving Conflict
Chapter 560: Gamble
Chapter 559: Stubborn Old Man
Chapter 558: The Potion Mage with an Odd Character
Chapter 557: Meeting the President Again
Chapter 556: Return to Icor
Chapter 555: Dismissal of the Army
Chapter 554: The Significance of the Revolution
Chapter 553: The Rebel Forces in the Mountains
Chapter 552: The Hidden Spy
Chapter 551: The Return
Chapter 550: Maneuvering the Castle
Chapter 549: Back in Ferelden
Chapter 548: Establishing the Academy of Magic
Chapter 547: Back To The Surface
Chapter 546: Sudden Retreat
Chapter 545: The Ceremony That Was Interrupted
Chapter 544: Invisible Barrier
Chapter 543: Underground Mutation
Chapter 542: The Mysterious Underground World
Chapter 541: Collapse
Chapter 540: The Out of Control Elemental Energy
Chapter 539: The Underground Meeting
Chapter 538: The Secret Underground Tunnel
Chapter 537: The Repeating Truth
Chapter 536: Similar Deaths
Chapter 535: News of Death
Chapter 534: Confusion
Chapter 533: Intent to Poison
Chapter 532: Unexpected Event from Negotiations
Chapter 531: Icor’s Messenger
Chapter 530: Defending Amber City
Chapter 529: New Circumstance
Chapter 528: The Return to the Palace
Chapter 527: The End of the War
Chapter 526: Mutiny
Chapter 525: The General Who Sang a Different Tune
Chapter 524: The Trap
Chapter 523: The Empty Campsite
Chapter 522: Prepare for War
Chapter 521: Gealorre in Chaos
Chapter 520: Flying Birds Attacking the City
Chapter 519: Spies Who Snuck into the Town
Chapter 518: The intellectual Water
Chapter 517: Having a Conversation with Runes
Chapter 516: The Luminous Arc and The Entrance
Chapter 515: The Stagnated Runes
Chapter 514: Long River Town’s New Look
Chapter 513: How to Anger A Queen
Chapter 512: The False Messenger
Chapter 511: The Messenger
Chapter 510: The Lockdown
Chapter 509: Castle in the Sky
Chapter 508: Hunted Down with Icy Mist
Chapter 507: The Murderous Mist
Chapter 506: Cross Formation
Chapter 505: Return of the Real King
Chapter 504: Allegiance of the Merchants
Chapter 503: Hideout in the Loft
Chapter 502: Loyal Chamberlain
Chapter 501: The Accidental Arsonist
Chapter 500: Leading an Army
Chapter 499: An Army Being Forcibly Kept Under Control
Chapter 498: A Malevolent Messenger
Chapter 497: Halt the Troops and Wait?
Chapter 496: A Country in Great Danger
Chapter 495: The Final Pride
Chapter 494: The Invasion
Chapter 493: The Exchange of Hostages
Chapter 492: The King’s Speech
Chapter 491: The Resentful General
Chapter 490: The Collapse of the Blockade
Chapter 489: A Rumor Out of Nowhere
Chapter 488: The Siege Has Not Ended
Chapter 487: Rescuing the Captives
Chapter 486: The School With Detained Mages
Chapter 485: The Move to Make the Mages Stay Behind
Chapter 484: The Church’s Surrounding Circle
Chapter 483: Attacking in a Cycle
Chapter 482: Dragging and Ambushing
Chapter 481: Run
Chapter 480: Upright General
Chapter 479: Sneaking into the Camp Site
Chapter 478: The State Religion in Question
Chapter 477: The Zeal of the Apprentices
Chapter 476: Drink X without Forgetting to XX
Chapter 475: The First Village
Chapter 474: For The Future of the Mages
Chapter 473: The Sacrifice of the Academy of Silence
Chapter 472: Cain’s Sacrificial Plate
Chapter 471: The Ideal Magical World
Chapter 470: Moving Camp
Chapter 469: Positions Transferred
Chapter 468: The King's Choice
Chapter 467: The News Regarding the Detention Centre
Chapter 466: A successful mission?
Chapter 465: Deception in the Night
Chapter 464: Being Targeted
Chapter 463: Starting to Run
Chapter 462: The Rescue Plan
Chapter 461: Inspection With An Agenda
Chapter 460: The Accident while Gathering
Chapter 459: The News that Came Late
Chapter 458: Beating Someone at their Own Game
Chapter 457: Misdirection
Chapter 456: Weird Namelist
Chapter 455: Spreading the Truth
Chapter 454: Back to the City
Chapter 453: Holy Flame of the End
Chapter 452: The Will of the Fresh and Blood
Chapter 451: Experiment for Ways to Decipher
Chapter 450: Hundred Meter Dash Assassination
Chapter 449: The Elders’ Final Play
Chapter 448: The Undefeatable Black Hole
Chapter 447: Not Just a Mage
Chapter 446: The Door into Oblivion
Chapter 445: The End of the Tricks?
Chapter 444: 1 VS 100
Chapter 443: Sealing The Valley
Chapter 442: The Stubborn Shadow
Chapter 441: The New Origin Story
Chapter 440: The Strange Atmosphere
Chapter 439: The Village on the Mountainside
Chapter 438: The Trail of the Missing Mages
Chapter 437: Attack of the Gigantic Magical Beast
Chapter 436: Hiding in the Mountains
Chapter 435: Changing Strategies
Chapter 434: Promotion has to Be Done Through Entertainment
Chapter 433: Killing His Beliefs
Chapter 432: Secret Church
Chapter 431: A Spy’s Purpose
Chapter 430: Subversive Light Magic
Chapter 429: Declaration 2.0
Chapter 428: The Progress of the Church
Chapter 427: A Disappointing King
Chapter 426: The Church’s Development
Chapter 425: An Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 424: An Empty Trap
Chapter 423: Stalking Thieves
Chapter 422: Saving the Grasslands
Chapter 421: Slaughter The Wolves
Chapter 420: The Tide of Beasts
Chapter 419: The Paper Country
Chapter 418: Meeting the First Batch of Locals
Chapter 417: Misleading the Resistance
Chapter 416: The Resistance in the Town
Chapter 415: Desert City’s School
Chapter 414: Dissolution and a New Beginning
Chapter 413: Direction of the Future
Chapter 412: An Unexpected Position
Chapter 411: An Appointment Kept
Chapter 410: The Prime Minister's Reinvitation
Chapter 409: Baffling Commendation
Chapter 408: Coup in the Palace
Chapter 407: Human Flesh Firework
Chapter 406: Rain
Chapter 405: Fire Drenched Phoenix
Chapter 404: Dark Magic Team
Chapter 403: Explosion of the Phantom
Chapter 402: Phantom of Holy Light
Chapter 401: Change Course and Ambush
Chapter 400: Ambush in Black Rock Valley
Chapter 399: Preparation
Chapter 398: The Change of Plan
Chapter 397: The Slick Prime Minister
Chapter 396: Hail
Chapter 395: A Dream or Reality?
Chapter 394: Boundless View
Chapter 393: Appointment for a meeting
Chapter 392: The Horror of Being Dominated by Advertisements
Chapter 391: Forceful Promotion
Chapter 390: The Gathering of Treacherous Officials
Chapter 389: The Launch of the Newspaper
Chapter 388: Technology Tree of Magic Tools
Chapter 387: Structure of a National Organization
Chapter 386: The Mage in Randt City
Chapter 385: Coach, I want to write a faux classic too!
Chapter 384: The Inception of a School
Chapter 383: Conquering Desert City
Chapter 382: Wrath of the Sky
Chapter 381: The Mages’ Gang Fight
Chapter 380: The Desert Shadow
Chapter 379: Back to Square One
Chapter 378: The Secluded Mages
Chapter 377: Returning to the Eastern Desert
Chapter 376: The Triangular Spirit
Chapter 375: A Very Realistic Question
Chapter 374: Bloody Night
Chapter 373: The First Target
Chapter 372: The Assassination Starts From The Small Towns
Chapter 371: The Leader of The Priests
Chapter 370: The Fanatically Preaching Priest Army
Chapter 369: Coming To An Agreement With the Generals
Chapter 368: The Generals of Ferelden
Chapter 367: The Person with Rights to the Army
Chapter 366: The First Government Ordinance
Chapter 365: Execution by Fire in the City
Chapter 364: Assassin’s Failed Stakeout
Chapter 363: The Reunion at the Abandoned Warehouse
Chapter 362: Fereldan in Chaos
Chapter 361: Leaving the Choice to the Mages
Chapter 360: 《Declaration of The Freedom of Magic》
Chapter 359: After the Murder of The King
Chapter 358: Unexpected Changes
Chapter 357: Escaping Tactics
Chapter 356: King Under Control
Chapter 355: Not So Secret Meeting
Chapter 354: Spying on the Forbidden Land
Chapter 353: Going to the City of Snow
Chapter 352: Behind the Truth
Chapter 351: Bracelet and Key
Chapter 350: Cold Wheelchair
Chapter 349: Are You Asleep
Chapter 348: Caught Off Guard
Chapter 347: The Border of The City of Desert
Chapter 346: The Price of Not Killing
Chapter 345: Thieves Who Do Not Want to Leave
Chapter 344: Developing Rules
Chapter 343: Trial Period for One Hundred and Fifty People
Chapter 342: Talented Professional Mage
Chapter 341: Converting Enemies into Friends
Chapter 340: Misunderstanding?
Chapter 339: Successful or Unsuccessful Exhibition
Chapter 338: Ordinary Ambition
Chapter 337: Lost Clues
Chapter 336: "Elders"
Chapter 335: The Night Before the Convention
Chapter 334: Promoting like Gifts
Chapter 333: Hellish Ending
Chapter 332: Change of Plans
Chapter 331: A New Trap
Chapter 330: Spear of the Earth
Chapter 329: Giant Icy Grave
Chapter 328: Finishing Off in One Go
Chapter 327: The Unexpected During Massacre
Chapter 326: Killing Spree
Chapter 325: Shared Enemies and Hatred
Chapter 324: The Hunting Process
Chapter 323: Miserable Mercenaries
Chapter 322: The Beginning of Hell
Chapter 321: This Is Not A Game of Survival
Chapter 320: Participate Right On Time
Chapter 319: The End of the Battle
Chapter 318: The Ways to Cheat
Chapter 317: The Violent Underworld
Chapter 316: Illegal Mercenary Group
Chapter 315: Planning An Exhibition
Chapter 314: The Letter in the Night
Chapter 313: The Meaning of the Power of the King
Chapter 312: The Words of the President
Chapter 311: Change Again
Chapter 310: The Mastermind Behind the Scenes
Chapter 309: The Assassin in the Dark
Chapter 308: The King’s Banquet
Chapter 307: The Princess, the King and the Chairman
Chapter 306: The Palace
Chapter 305: Headquarters of the Mages Freesmasonry
Chapter 304: Training New People
Chapter 303: Surrender
Chapter 302: The Aftereffects of an Obliterated Cult
Chapter 301: The Final Blow
Chapter 300: The Undefeatable “Second Form”
Chapter 299: Elemental Black Hole
Chapter 298: What is God
Chapter 297: Battle Ended? Or Has It Just Begun?
Chapter 296: Crime of Treason
Chapter 295: The Final Plan
Chapter 294: Lack of Evidence
Chapter 293: Cheated
Chapter 292: Bait
Chapter 291: Treatment or Exorcism?
Chapter 290: Strange Disease
Chapter 289: A Conscious Farmer
Chapter 288: The Improvement of the Mages
Chapter 287: The Trouble of Distribution
Chapter 286: Scandals and Letters
Chapter 285: True and False Testimonies
Chapter 284: So Tiring Being the Mediator
Chapter 283: The Frustrated Head of Knight
Chapter 282: Quick, Arrest Me!
Chapter 281: Take It Back and Sew Slowly
Chapter 280: Hurricane Cape
Chapter 279: Breaking Down Forbidden Spells
Chapter 278: Fattened up System
Chapter 277: Mage's Gathering
Chapter 276: Torture Again
Chapter 275: Return to the World
Chapter 274: Cross Again
Chapter 273: Autopsy on a Zombie Cow
Chapter 272: How Can It Not Explode?
Chapter 271: The True Face of the Ruins
Chapter 270: The Corpse of a Scavenger
Chapter 269: Handing Matters Over to the Country
Chapter 268: Water Elemental Rain
Chapter 267: The "Rampaging" Pure Blue Space
Chapter 266: Prehistoric Civilization
Chapter 265: Underground City
Chapter 264: The Weird Parchment
Chapter 263: The Fear of Giving Name
Chapter 262: Establishing Mercenary Group
Chapter 261: ‘Greetings’
Chapter 260: Ten Consecutive Wins
Chapter 259: Continuing to Challenge
Chapter 258: The Gathering's Interaction
Chapter 257: The Origin of Incantations
Chapter 256: The Mages’ Gathering
Chapter 255: Complete Collection of Magic Potion Recipes
Chapter 254: A Conversing Potion Mage
Chapter 253: Framed explosion
Chapter 252: Moving into a new house
Chapter 251: Alright then, go to hell
Chapter 250: Can, Seriously
Chapter 249: A Murder Plot
Chapter 248: Suggestion to Cooperate
Chapter 247: The “Crow”'s Boss
Chapter 246: The Proud Mage
Chapter 245: The Crow’s Invitation
Chapter 244: "Toppling" the Church
Chapter 243: City of Rayleigh
Chapter 242: Voice of the Valley
Chapter 241: The Real World
Chapter 240: Adventures in the Valley
Chapter 239: Valley of the Abyss
Chapter 238: Boat of the Skies
Chapter 237: Ice Boat
Chapter 236: Creating a “Magical Creature”
Chapter 235: Boarding Ship
Chapter 234: Moonglaive of Ice
Chapter 233: Axe Technique from Above
Chapter 232: Flying Tiger
Chapter 231: Town of Ciera’s Pirates
Chapter 230: The Disguised Carriage Driver
Chapter 229: Straight to Battle Once in Disagreement
Chapter 228: Leaving Regina
Chapter 227: The Queen’s Potion
Chapter 226: Chapter 226 - Guild Master
Chapter 225: Bribing Soldiers
Chapter 224: A State of Nothingness
Chapter 223: "Funny" Emoji
Chapter 222: Immunity to Magic
Chapter 221: Revenge
Chapter 220: Escaping From Certain Death
Chapter 219: The Feel of Hijacked Senses
Chapter 218: The Hostage Strikes Back
Chapter 217: The Aftermath of a Coup d'etat
Chapter 216: The Rules of Chess
Chapter 215: Turning Back Again
Chapter 214: How to Become a God Stick
Chapter 213: Tinder Beneath the Clear Skies
Chapter 212: Crowd Stuck in the Square
Chapter 211: Anti-Magic Prison
Chapter 210: The Scene That Should Not Appear
Chapter 209: Villain
Chapter 208: Appearance
Chapter 207: The Healthcare Anecdotes
Chapter 206: This Shop is Suspicious
Chapter 205: Old Friend
Chapter 204: The Fish That's Hooked
Chapter 203: The Mercenary Association
Chapter 202: This Comrade Looks Familiar
Chapter 201: Not One Less
Chapter 200: The Dame
Chapter 199: Disappearance
Chapter 198: The Skill to Using Magic
Chapter 197: Refining Potions
Chapter 196: Hurrying On
Chapter 195: The Small Note of the Mage
Chapter 194: The Plan to Leave
Chapter 193: Study of Magic Potion
Chapter 192: The Difficulty of Getting Out of the Country
Chapter 191: Questioning His Life
Chapter 190: Go, He's Asking for it!
Chapter 189: A Visit from the Mage Guild
Chapter 188: Ending Oneself's Life
Chapter 187: Counter-Attacking and Being Counter-Attacked
Chapter 186: The Most Devious Person Is Invincible
Chapter 185: The Great Pigborn
Chapter 184: The Casters in the Forest
Chapter 183: Rabbit Demon
Chapter 182: Mage Guild
Chapter 181: The Old Mage and the Cat
Chapter 180: Magic Potion
Chapter 179: Icor’s Welcome
Chapter 178: Stranger
Chapter 177: Bidding the Gates Farewell
Chapter 176: Icor’s Persuasion to Stay
Chapter 175: Luring the Tiger Out of the Mountains
Chapter 174: The Gateway Opens
Chapter 173: There was Something Wrong with This Banter
Chapter 172: The Preparation for Escape
Chapter 171: The Hope to Leave the Gateway
Chapter 170: Greetings from ???
Chapter 169: Pure White Space
Chapter 168: Surrounded and Being Surrounded By
Chapter 167: Crazy in Pursuit
Chapter 166: The Griffin
Chapter 165: The Future of the Church
Chapter 164: Seizing the Door
Chapter 163: Siege Plan (Part 2)
Chapter 162: Siege Plan (Part 1)
Chapter 161: A Trap Within a Trap
Chapter 160: Waiting for the “Prey”
Chapter 159: Re-condensing Water Runes
Chapter 158: I am “Grant”
Chapter 157: Ways of improvement
Chapter 156: New Developments
Chapter 155: The Mercenaries’ Mission
Chapter 154: The Guest From Icor
Chapter 153: Lesson on Magic
Chapter 152: Spying
Chapter 151: The Tavern for Information Fishing
Chapter 150: Research On Magical Items
Chapter 149: Way to Pass through the Gateway
Chapter 148: Underground Mage Organization
Chapter 147: Crusader Gateway
Chapter 146: Town of Crewe
Chapter 145: Michelle's Rage
Chapter 144: Fish Egg?
Chapter 143: A Big Bang
Chapter 142: The Peculiar Red Gemstone
Chapter 141: The Cave at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 140: The Escape
Chapter 139: The Secrets that Dick Knows
Chapter 138: The Village by Perseus Lake
Chapter 137: The Bishop’s Plan
Chapter 136: The Story of the Other
Chapter 135: The Potato Field and Late News
Chapter 134: Uncle and Loli
Chapter 133: The Fall
Chapter 132: The True Meaning of Magical Talent
Chapter 131: The Pope Who Was Away for A Few Chapters
Chapter 130: Michelle's "Death" (Part II)
Chapter 129: Michelle's "Death" (Part I)
Chapter 128: A Sudden Falling Out
Chapter 127: This is a Road Movie
Chapter 126: The Fear of Being Dominated by Statistics
Chapter 125: The Preparation Before the Escape
Chapter 124: The Pope's Decision
Chapter 123: “Plague”
Chapter 122: Cursed City
Chapter 121: Mysterious Michelle
Chapter 120: The Parent’s Respective Decisions
Chapter 119: A Fissure in the Space of Consciousness
Chapter 118: Benjamin Has Awakened
Chapter 117: The Water Ball Had Flooded the City II
Chapter 116: The Water Ball Had Flooded The City - Part 1
Chapter 115: The Pope
Chapter 114: The Execution Site and Parker
Chapter 113: The Struggle for Survival
Chapter 112: The Cannon Fodder
Chapter 111: The Inevitable
Chapter 110: The Mystery Revealed
Chapter 109: The Carpentry Shop at the East of the City
Chapter 108: A New Camouflage
Chapter 107: Fallen into Trap?
Chapter 106: Pillar of Steam
Chapter 105: Violent Sound Waves
Chapter 104: The Church’s Method of Investigation
Chapter 103: A Sudden Change
Chapter 102
Chapter 101: Non-Verbal Spell Casting
Chapter 100: The Split of the Empire
Chapter 99: An Unknown Letter
Chapter 98: Dispute within the Church
Chapter 97: Out of Place Priest
Chapter 96: Minister’s Trophy
Chapter 95: God Forsaken Valley
Chapter 94: Prison Ruins
Chapter 93: The Awakened Assassin
Chapter 92: Mercenaries
Chapter 91: The Secret Passage In The Hotel
Chapter 90: The Exploding Cross
Chapter 89: The Waterball of Reticence
Chapter 88: Dueling with the Rich Priest
Chapter 87: The Ambush Tactic
Chapter 86: The Secrets of the Inn
Chapter 85: Chief Silverfox
Chapter 84: The Nobles' Weak Protest
Chapter 83: The Truth Behind the Cross
Chapter 82: The Covert Listening Cross-shaped Device
Chapter 81: The Conspiracy of the Royal Family
Chapter 80: ???
Chapter 79: How to Perfectly Explain The State of 'Forever Alone'
Chapter 78: The Overbearing Chairman and the Girl With A Tooth Gap
Chapter 77: Elizabeth Wood
Chapter 76: The One Eyed Queen
Chapter 75: The Girl who Bets
Chapter 74: The Royal Ball Begins
Chapter 73: The Strange Calm
Chapter 72: The Real Way to Unlock the Treasury
Chapter 71: The New Magical Rune
Chapter 70: The Royal Ball
Chapter 69: Going Home With a Clean Slate
Chapter 68: The Grand Show
Chapter 67: The Truth Behind It All
Chapter 66: Magician Henry
Chapter 65: The Mage in the Theater
Chapter 64: The Rules of Being A Beggar
Chapter 63: Fulner's Theatre of Happiness
Chapter 62: Mysterious Map
Chapter 61: Michelle's Purpose
Chapter 60: Sincerity for Trade
Chapter 59: Has the War Ended? A Naive Thought
Chapter 58: Sword of the Holy Light
Chapter 57: The Perfect Ambush
Chapter 56: A Rational Decision
Chapter 55: The Uninvited Guest
Chapter 54: Runes of the Icebreaking Spell
Chapter 53: The True Motive of the Bandits
Chapter 52: Sewers of the Outer City
Chapter 51: The Bandits of Mount North
Chapter 50: Bonnie‘s Pub
Chapter 49: Jeremy's Incident
Chapter 48: The Pure Blue Space
Chapter 47: The Water Elemental Crystal
Chapter 46: The Tree of Time
Chapter 45: The Way to Break the Curse
Chapter 44: The Mage Who Knows Martial Arts
Chapter 43: The Bishop Kindly Requests You To F*ck Off
Chapter 42: The Bishop Invites You for Tea
Chapter 41: The First Time Forging a Memory
Chapter 40: Silver Handgun
Chapter 39: \Academy of Silence
Chapter 38: When a Mage has to Perform Surgery
Chapter 37: What's More Terrifying Than a Fool?
Chapter 36: The Strange Encounters at the Outskirts
Chapter 35: Just Lend Me A Gun
Chapter 34: Instructor, I Want To Fake It Too
Chapter 33: Military Training?
Chapter 32: Skill Choices
Chapter 31: The Zone of Prayers and the Crest of Holy Light
Chapter 30: Magic and the Divine Arts
Chapter 29: An Encounter with An Old Friend
Chapter 28: Shot Fired
Chapter 27: Put Down Your Weapon!
Chapter 26: The War Simulation
Chapter 25: The War Begins
Chapter 24: The Other Side of The Letter
Chapter 23: The Choices of the Chess Piece
Chapter 22: The Letter from the Devil
Chapter 21: The Training of a Mage
Chapter 20: It's Your Mom
Chapter 19: The Cellar and the Potatoes
Chapter 18: Sorry, Your Grandmother is Godlike
Chapter 17: The Troublemaking Old Lady
Chapter 16: The Revenge of the Shitman
Chapter 15: How To Dig Up Treasures
Chapter 14: Initial Contact with the Church
Chapter 13: Becoming Benjamin Lithur
Chapter 12: Benjamin and Grant
Chapter 11: The Long Long Night, Which Sleep Evaded
Chapter 10: The Sleepwalking Dirty Thing
Chapter 9: The Retaliation of the Waterball
Chapter 8: The Cat is Out of the Bag?
Chapter 7: Annie’s Death
Chapter 6: The Cleaner
Chapter 5: Binding Spell
Chapter 4: Excavating A New Dimension of Consciousness
Chapter 3: The Waterball Spell
Chapter 2: The Most Unreliable Cheat Code
Chapter 1: The Most Unfortunate Teleportation