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My Disciple Died Yet Again

Author: Mrs. Ago

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Updated: 2021-10-02 07:23:45

Latest chapter: Afterword

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《My Disciple Died Yet Again》Latest chapter
Chapter 393: The Final Finale
Chapter 392: Divine Realm Management Plan
Chapter 391: Realmspirit’s Return
Chapter 390: The Manager of Guoguo’s Home
Chapter 389: A Very Mysterious Plane Management Office
Chapter 388: Realmspirit’s Plans
Chapter 387: Become a CEO
Chapter 386: Lightning Divine Tower Ceases to Exist
Chapter 385: Ascend to Godhood, or Fall into Devilhood?
Chapter 384: Undefeatable Enemy
Chapter 383: Friendly Visit to the Sunflower Country
《My Disciple Died Yet Again》' main text
Chapter 393: The Final Finale
Chapter 392: Divine Realm Management Plan
Chapter 391: Realmspirit’s Return
Chapter 390: The Manager of Guoguo’s Home
Chapter 389: A Very Mysterious Plane Management Office
Chapter 388: Realmspirit’s Plans
Chapter 387: Become a CEO
Chapter 386: Lightning Divine Tower Ceases to Exist
Chapter 385: Ascend to Godhood, or Fall into Devilhood?
Chapter 384: Undefeatable Enemy
Chapter 383: Friendly Visit to the Sunflower Country
Chapter 382: The Sunflower Welcoming Group
Chapter 381: Second Battle – Cob Cannon
Chapter 380: I Want to Eat Your Brains
Chapter 379: Realizing an Incredible Secret
Chapter 378: The Fate of the Scheming Mary Sue
Chapter 377: The Truth Behind the Final Floor
Chapter 376: Don’t Pull Aggro Off Tanks
Chapter 375: This Sure is Fate
Chapter 374: Please Speak Politely
Chapter 373: Evolved Heart Demon Tribulation
Chapter 372: National Big Giveaway
Chapter 371: Two-Person Instance
Chapter 370: It’s Definitely Not That Easy
Chapter 369: Please Call Me Lei Feng
Chapter 368: Meeting Another Mary Sue
Chapter 367: The Three Levels of Bastard Aura
Chapter 366: Poke the Demonic Beast For Show
Chapter 365: Exorcism Squad
Chapter 364: Demonic Beast Raid Guide
Chapter 363: Don’t Be Abstract, Be Realistic
Chapter 362: Look At My Pure and Clear Eyes
Chapter 361: The Biology Teacher Left Early
Chapter 360: Let’s Clear the Tower Together, Young Maiden
Chapter 359: Your Sister’s a Life Artifact
Chapter 358: How to Abandon Delusion Treatment
Chapter 357: Let’s Chat About Life
Chapter 356: Go and Seek Abuse, Young Man!
Chapter 355: Realm Escaping Godly Artifact
Chapter 354: Sesame is Trash
Chapter 353: The Worries of Beasties
Chapter 352: The Promised Blissful Life
Chapter 351: Floor Master’s Dignity Recovery Plan
Chapter 350: I Have Just Hit Menopause, I Want Some Peace and Quiet
Chapter 349: Let Me Quietly Get Zapped
Chapter 348: The Hell is a Female Sword?
Chapter 347: Heaven or Hell, Look for My Disciple I Shall
Chapter 346: I Dare You to Try Being Impudent
Chapter 345: Barrierless Two-Way Switch
Chapter 344: Stupider Than an Idiot
Chapter 343: Curse of the FFF Inquisition
Chapter 442: Awakening Notice
Chapter 341: Become One with the Darkness, Single Puppy
Chapter 340: It’s Time to Disconnect
Chapter 339: A Godly Development Suddenly Unfolds
Chapter 338: Avatar Download Complete
Chapter 337: The Young Man Still Has Two Other Faces
Chapter 336: All Roads Lead to the Female Lead
Chapter 335: Open (the Path) Sesame
Chapter 334: Let Me Conduct Some Research
Chapter 333: Cheat has Disconnected
Chapter 332: Five Words Floated in the Air
Chapter 331: Contracting the Spirit Guiding Beast
Chapter 330: I Can Read
Chapter 329: Spewing All Over Your Face
Chapter 328: Female Lead’s Night Assault
Chapter 327: A Clown That Could Topple Countries
Chapter 326: The Magical Brush
Chapter 325: High-Level Scenario
Chapter 324: All-round Technical Support
Chapter 323: Forced Disconnection
Chapter 322: Packing Up and Heading Home
Chapter 321: Don’t Want to be a Good Girl (Actual)
Chaptew 321: Don’t Want to be a Good Giww
Chapter 320: Villains Should Not Talk So Much Crap
Chapter 319: Truth Behind the Sect Massacre
Chapter 318: Come One Come All, Let’s Conduct a Meeting
Chapter 317: Removing the Bug of Righteousness
Chapter 316: Heart Demon Immunity Skill
Chapter 315: You Should Have a Heart Demon Inside You
Chapter 314: Victims’ Delusional Stone
Chapter 313: Protect the Dandelions
Chapter 312: Suicide Attack
Chapter 311: Can the Gift be Converted to Cash?
Chapter 310: Hua Lin Sent a Friend Verification Notification
Chapter 309: Run, Little Tyrant
Chapter 308: Hua Lin, Don’t Cry
Chapter 307: Rising New Star
Chapter 306: Practitioners’ Great Tournament Reality TV
Chapter 305: Towards Wandering City
Chapter 304: Picking Up Beasts Everyday
Chapter 303: Even in Death, I Must be Beautiful
Chapter 302: A Radish in a Single Hole
Chapter 301: Please Give a Proper Croak
Chapter 300: I Feel Like My IQ Will Fall
Chapter 299: Little Tyrant, You Must Become a Good Person
Chapter 298: Return to its Former Owner
Chapter 297: The Little Tyrant’s Aptitude
Chapter 296: Radish Sweeping Movement
Chapter 295: You’re a Good Person
Chapter 294: Someone Else’s Love Triangle
Chapter 293: Glamorous Reformed Body
Chapter 292: Just Throw Away the Opportunity for Reincarnation
Chapter 291: Kill a Mob Right Before Disconnection
Chapter 290: I Have to Personally Beat This Person Up Myself
Chapter 289: Peapea, Beastie and Master
Chapter 288: Cultivation Straight A’s Student
Chapter 287: The Pea is About to Give Boons
Chapter 286: Green Doraemon
Chapter 285: Where’s the Trust Between Humans and Peas?
Chapter 284: Good Enlightenment Helper
Chapter 283: Top Excellent Youths
Chapter 282: Catch That Beast!
Chapter 281: Starting the Main Protagonist Dungeon Raid
Chapter 280: My Childhood is so Miserable
Chapter 279: Please Study Well
Chapter 278: I Will Never Forgive That Person
Chapter 277: He Must Have Been Really Rich
Chapter 276: I Will Eat You!
Chapter 275: Do You Want to Hitch a Ride?
Chapter 274: Wife, It’s Me!
Chapter 273: Surging Cultivation
Chapter 272: Subduing the Little Tyrant
Chapter 271: All Children are Unbearable
Chapter 270: Grandma, Listen to Me
Chapter 269: Plane Movement Permit
Chapter 268: Release My Master
Chapter 267: Turning into a Sieve
Chapter 266: Passive Pet Dispersing Buff
Chapter 265: Common Enemy of Little Animals
Chapter 264: Master, Promise Me, Alright?
Chapter 263: There’s a Strange Person Outside the Door
Chapter 262: Fortune to the Empress
Chapter 261: The Problem Child Who Suddenly Freaked Out
Chapter 260: Can I Get an Advance on My Rewards?
Chapter 259: History Can’t be Altered
Chapter 258: How About Becoming My Master?
Chapter 257: Familiar Ancient Ruin
Chapter 256: Got Tricked
Chapter 255: Onwards to Fall Spirit Peak
Chapter 254: Don’t Fancy Him!
Chapter 253: You Fancy Him?
Chapter 252: We Can Always Run if We Can’t Win
Chapter 251: Old Man, Don’t Be Too Depressed
Chapter 250: The Girl’s Revival
Chapter 249: There’s a Fraud Shop
Chapter 248: First Mystic Artifact
Chapter 247: Story of Chicks
Chapter 246: Sword Seeking Convention
Chapter 245: Adjusted Timeline
Chapter 244: Starting the Extended Instance Dungeon
Chapter 243: Scenario Mode, On
Chapter 242: River of Forgetfulness is Too Deep, Throw Some Sand
Chapter 241: You Shameless Human
Chapter 240: Land at the End of the Horizon is This Way
Chapter 239: Sleeping Beauty Who Cannot Be Awakened with a Kiss
Chapter 238: Warrior, You’re Pregnant!
Chapter 237: Beast With Pitifully Low Intelligence
Chapter 236: Friendship that Transcends the Barrier of Species
Chapter 235: Irreparable Bug
Chapter 234: It’s Time to Dine
Chapter 233: Bugs Everywhere on the Ground
Chapter 232: All of You Have Been Surrounded
Chapter 231: The Great King Brought Me to Patrol the Mountains
Chapter 230: ‘Scare People Ten Times’ Achievement Unlocked
Chapter 229: Regular Citizen of the Underworld
Chapter 228: Reincarnate Into – The Hell?
Chapter 227: Piggish Party Member Achievement Unlocked
Chapter 226 Single Dragon Can’t Be Hurt
Chapter 225: Sealing the Devil
Chapter 224: Fried an Egg
Chapter 223: Prelude to War
Chapter 222: Please, Be Prideful and Cold Like Before
Chapter 221: Sect Mascot
Chapter 220: Long Live My Empress
Chapter 219: Saving the World in Another Way
Chapter 218: Don’t Force My Hand
Chapter 217: Mary Sue’s Gary Stu
Chapter 216: Divine My Ass!
Chapter 215: May I Ask Who’s Soon?
Chapter 214: War Between Humans and Beasts
Chapter 213: I Want to Bear Monkeys For You
Chapter 212: The Entire World is Begging for Hugs
Chapter 211: World Favourable Impression
Chapter 210: I Want to Bite Him!
Chapter 209: A Beast Fell
Chapter 208: I Recovered My Cultivation
Chapter 207: Sidequest Item
Chapter 206: Seeing the Old Beast Again
Chapter 205: That Beast with Strange Brain Circuits
Chapter 204: That Familiar Beast
Chapter 203: Catching a Beast
Chapter 202: Don’t Talk to Me
Chapter 201: Dug a Hole
Chapter 200: The Punctually Sent Scenario
Chapter 199: Master, You’re so Cute
Chapter 198: He Hasn’t Bathed for Five Years
Chapter 197: Flunked
Chapter 196: Permitted to Bring Family Members Along
Chapter 195: The Unexpected Truth
Chapter 194: Yue Ying, Let Us Have a Chat
Chapter 193: Version Rollback
Chapter 192: This World is Doomed
Chapter 191: The Final Godbeast
Chapter 190: Approaching Irregularity
Chapter 189: Godly Energy Online Recharging Service
Chapter 188: Seal Released
Chapter 187: The Gradually Rising Bug
Chapter 186: There’s Always That One Idiot Who Wants to Eat You
Chapter 185: Second Art of Disciple Trolling
Chapter 184: The First Art of Disciple Trolling
Chapter 183: Far Ancient Highgod
Chapter 182: Time Adjustment Device
Chapter 181: Birds Seem to Like Bringing me Back to their Nests
Chapter 180: Forced Disconnection Handyman
Chapter 179: Come Back Immediately After You Die
Chapter 178: The Minion Who Ascended into the Higher Realm
Chapter 177: Mushroom Rescue Operation
Chapter 176: Towards Cloudhold City
Chapter 175: The Trash Retreats
Chapter 174: Spatial Mahjong Competition
Chapter 173: Please Restrain Yourself from Displaying Your Stupidity
Chapter 172: Disciple, Let’s _____
Chapter 171: Introduction Cutscene
Chapter 170: Chicken Egg, Duck Egg, Century Egg
Chapter 169: A Bowl of Egg Drop Soup
Chapter 168: I’m an Egg
Chapter 167: Master has Menopause too
Chapter 166: The Jokester Sent by the Heavens
Chapter 165: Can’t We Just Have a Nice Talk?
Chapter 164: Please Let Me Appear on Stage
Chapter 163: Version 6.0 That Comes with it’s own Scenario
Chapter 162: Late-coming Scenario Benefit
Chapter 161: Disciple’s Dead Again
Chapter 160: Sudden Change
Chapter 159: Master is Released
Chapter 158: Recognizes Blood, but not the Owner’s
Chapter 157: Geez, if you’re Ugly, Don’t Seek Revenge
Chapter 156: Being Chased Everywhere in Life
Chapter 155: Entering Advent Cloud Hall
Chapter 154: Three Two Hundred Fifties
Chapter 153: Who Bit My Buttocks?
Chapter 152: Reunion of Old Friends
Chapter 151: Heading Towards Advent Cloud Hall
Chapter 150: Bi-Gender Type Character
Chapter 149: Unfortunate Female Deity
Chapter 148: The Worst Inhuman Abuse
Chapter 147: Release that Lady
Chapter 146: Everyone’s Beloved Truth
Chapter 145: Tower Sports Meet
Chapter 144: Stagnating Cultivation
Chapter 143: Guest of Lightning Divine Hall
Chapter 142: Great Great Grand Master
Chapter 141: Master’s IQ has Logged Off
Chapter 140: I’m a Leg Supporting Expert
Chapter 139: Do I have to be this Unlucky?
Chapter 138: Mushroom Special Ops
Chapter 137: Truth Exposed
Chapter 136: Ill Intentions
Chapter 135: Everyone’s Beloved 5.0
Chapter 134: Your Sister’s a Devil
Chapter 133: The So-Called ‘Deity’
Chapter 132: A Retarded Final Battle
Chapter 131: The Divine Residence Above the Sea
Chapter 130: What does That have to do with Me?
Chapter 129: The Sharpest Weapon in the World
Chapter 128: If I Were to Call You ‘BUG’, Will You Respond?
Chapter 127: Mu Meiyan’s Challenge
Chapter 126: Numerous Sects Coming Together to Bully
Chapter 125: Grasping the Trick Sure Feels Good
Chapter 124: Jade Forest Refiners are Good
Chapter 123: Azureflight’s Price
Chapter 122: I’m Going into Isolation Now
Chapter 121: There’s No Engagement
Chapter 120: Wu Song Cancelling his Engagement
Chapter 119: Why Are You Scolding People?
Chapter 118: Uncontrollable Scenarios
Chapter 117: Goodbye, Master
Chapter 116: Hello, Master
Chapter 115: The Great Escape
Chapter 114: Changing Maps to Fight Mobs
Chapter 113: World Singularity Record
Chapter 112: A Money-Making Expert Beast
Chapter 111: Lord, What a Fateful Coincidence
Chapter 110: A Beast Responds with a Single Call
Chapter 109: Strange Little Radish
Chapter 108: The Twins within the Ice
Chapter 107: The Strange Shadow
Chapter 106: This World Where We Have to Look at Faces
Chapter 105: A BUG Can Call for a Transfer
Chapter 104: Little Radish is Transforming
Chapter 103: A Single Woman in a Doubles
Chapter 102: Theory of Cultivation Coordination
Chapter 101: Which Sect has the Best Cultivation Techniques?
Chapter 100: Tragedy of the Destroyed Sect
Chapter 99: Coming Straight Back after Picking Up the Male Partner
Chapter 98: The Male Partner’s Schemes
Chapter 97: Heading Out to Grab a Male Partner
Chapter 96: Invincible Water Spirit Vein
Chapter 95: Meeting Cannot be Compared to Yearning
Chapter 94: The Late Precognitive Dream
Chapter 93: Jade Forest’s Naming Tradition
Chapter 92: Pure Yin Physique
Chapter 91: Don’t Die Anymore
Chapter 90: Master is Leaving
Chapter 89: Umm, a Forceful Tyrant
Chapter 88: Where Did this Little Junior-Martial Sister Come From?
Chapter 87: Hello, Zhu Yao 4.0 Has Logged In
Chapter 86: The First Cannon Fodder
Chapter 85: A Small Universal Outbreak
Chapter 84: Xiao Yi’s Godly Logic
Chapter 83: Male BUG, Female BUG
Chapter 82: Disciple, Come, Let’s do an Experiment
Chapter 81: I Actually Like Men
Chapter 80: Big Sis, Don’t Scare Me
Chapter 79: The Sect Master’s Thoughts
Chapter 78: Hu Hansan has Returned
Chapter 77: Don’t Worry, Leave it to Me
Chapter 76: Crowd of Completely Unaware Onlookers
Chapter 75: Optic Fiber-like Cultivation
Chapter 74: I Accidentally Fooled You
Chapter 73: Hehe, Ancient Secret Technique
Chapter 72: Three Heads, Four Heads, are Better than One
Chapter 71: Could not be Described
Chapter 70: The Queen Regnant
Chapter 69: Little Rescue Squad
Chapter 68: Cat Fight When There’s Nothing to Do
Chapter 67: Promotion Ceremony
Chapter 66: Admitting into Ancient Hill Sect Once Again
Chapter 65: Nascent Soul Formation Period
Chapter 64: The Stuck Cultivation
Chapter 63: Making a Fool out of a Beast Without Discussion
Chapter 62: Identity Verification
Chapter 61: Zhu Yao Version 3.0
Chapter 60: Master Will Wait For You At Jade Forest Mountain
Chapter 59: The Shameless Deity
Chapter 58: Sesame Opened a Door
Chapter 57: Experiencing The First Marriage Proposal
Chapter 56: When Heading Out, Bringing Along Your Master is a Must
Chapter 55: Compact, Practical, Suitable and Portable
Chapter 54: The Chrysanthemum After the Demonic Beast Conclusion
Chapter 53: Piggish Party Member Strikes Again
Chapter 52: Treasure Protecting Demonic Beast
Chapter 51: What Grass is That?
Chapter 50: Outsiders Watching the Commotion
Chapter 49: Setting Off to Tasyoluk
Chapter 48: Cultivation Requires Entrance Examinations
Chapter 47: The Round Azoth Core
Chapter 46: The Promised Protagonist’s Cheat
Chapter 45: The So-Called Invincibility Mode
Chapter 44: The Protagonist’s Cheat is Tricking You
Chapter 43: Undoing the Knot in One’s Heart
Chapter 42: Activating Make-Up Story Mode
Chapter 41: Not Playing Around with Disciple Leads to Death
Chapter 40: Prehistoric Monster Infant
Chapter 39: Trust Between Master and Disciple
Chapter 38: Regarding the Bringing Up of a Disciple
Chapter 37: The Rubbed-Off Principles
Chapter 36: A Baby Treats Food as Heaven
Chapter 35: Human Trafficker
Chapter 34: A Pig-like Party Member
Chapter 33: Talented Acting School
Chapter 32: Good Things Come in Pairs
Chapter 31: The Common Nauseating Act
Chapter 30: Men Should be Strong and Muscular
Chapter 29: He isn’t even Willing to Give me a Hundred Dollars
Chapter 28: Wang Xuzhi VS Xiao Yi
Chapter 27: Someone Else’s Counter-Attack Drama
Chapter 26: Little Wimp’s Third Senior-Martial Brother
Chapter 25: Who Doesn’t Know How to Bully?
Chapter 24: A Practitioner Who Cannot Fly
Chapter 23: Great Diarrhea Art
Chapter 22: The Storm at Jade Forest Mountain
Chapter 21: The Unfortunate Person that Bumped into a Bird
Chapter 20: Master’s Telling You to Come Back Home for Dinner
Chapter 19: Chinese Good Girl Friend
Chapter 18: The Three Collapsed Views
Chapter 17: The Damn Fatty that Fell from the Sky
Chapter 16: Emergency
Chapter 15: Reunion with Little Wang
Chapter 14: The Sect Master’s Headache
Chapter 13: Master has Good Skills
Chapter 12: Network Delaying Auntie
Chapter 11: Master’s New Skill
Chapter 10: Meeting the Little Turnip Again
Chapter 9: Gold Nest, Silver Nest, Dog’s Nest
Chapter 8: Jade Forest Mountain Peak
Chapter 7: Don’t Look for Trouble, and Trouble will not Come
Chapter 6: Admitting into the Jade Forest
Chapter 5: Bro, Who Are You?
Chapter 4: Entering the Mountain Sect
Chapter 3: Curiosity Kills the Cat
Chapter 2: The Deities’ Disciple Selection
Chapter 1: A Peasant Woman, a River, and a Little Field