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[System Integration to Host Soul Starting]

[1%] . . . .[5%] . . . .[12%] . . . .[20%] . . . .[34%] . . . .[43%] . . . .[57%] . . . .[63%] . . . .[79%] . . . .[81%] . . . .[89%] . . . .[93%] . . . .[100%]

[System Integration Completed]


[Yes Host](Lucifer)

{Where am I}(Lucifer)

[You are in your mother's womb](System)

[Would Host like to see the system?](System)


[ gives you access to different anime powers and items that you can buy by spending system points (SP), you can earn SP by killing monsters, completing missions or receive them in packs and lottery rewards.

brings together the powers you are going to buy, you wil unlock and even powers you will develope.

is simply an inventory, inside you will find objects that you bought in the store or unlocked in other sections of the system and even objects that you bring from the physical world, the space grew as you become stronger and time does not flow in, so the state of an object you exit will be exactly the same as when you put it in, living things can't go into .

is the section where you use the lottery tickets, all the tickets are the same so the rewards are totally random, the rewards are divided into different grades represented by different colors:

-Common / White

-Uncommon / Grey

-Rare / green

-Super rare / Blue

-Mythic / Purple

-Legendary / Red

-Heroic / Yellow

-Divine / Golden

-Origin / Black

shows you the map of the world, only places that you have already been will be show on the map, the map can also be improved by merging it with other maps of the physical world via .

shows you all the information related to you such as age, race, level, state alterations, SP, Bloodlines, blessings and of course your stats.

will show you all the information common to this world.

is the section where you will find packs such as the welcome pack, packs can be obtained through mission rewards and can be purchased in the .

is the section where you will be able to see your different skill, the skill can be improved by repeating them (up to a certain level), by a better understanding of these skill or by using capacity points (CP) obtained when you rise your level.

That sums up pretty much what the can do Host](System)

{Ok lets see my status}(Lucifer)

[Ok Host


Name:???(Lucifer Seal)









Physical defense: N/A

Magical defense: N/A



System Point:Infinity]

{Ok I going back to sleep}(Lucifer)

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