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It's been 2 months since I been in my mother's womb. I did some shopping for the new world. I also find out that I am in Azure Cloud Continent. It seen like my mother 's name is Ru Xiaoya and my father's name is Hua Minghai(I just pick some people)


Name:???(Lucifer Seal)


Bloodline:Uchiha,Primordial Azure Dragon, Saiyan

Lagacy:Primordial Azure Dragon(Lock)







Physical defense: N/A

Magical defense: N/A


Skill:Primordial Azure Dragon Slayer, Fairy Law, Haki, Tsukuyomi, Cero, Time Stop, All the slayer magic,(If you have more skill in mine feel free to tell)

System Point:Infinity]

[Host going to be born in 1 minutes](System)

{Ok thanks system}(Lucifer)

~??? pov~

"Come on young miss a little more push"(???)

"Aaaaaaa I can't I can't "(???)

"Yes you can miss"(???)


"congrats miss it's a baby boy"(???)

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