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My name is Lucifer Seal. You may think that I am a boy but no I am a girl. My parents name me a boy because they thought that I am a boy when I am born. So I am born as a boy and raise as a boy.

Now I am here in a white room. Let's go back to 1 hour before. So I was walking home from school when a car hit me. I thought I was going to die but here I am in this white room.

"Hello is anyone there?" I yell

"Welcome Lucifer Seal" ???

"God?" I asked

"Yes" God

"So why am I here?" I asked

"Yes umm I am the one who killed you" God said

"WHAT why?" I asked

"I accidentally deleted you life fire"(God)


"What you are not mad?(God)

"I mean I dead that is that"(Lucifer)

"That is very forgiving of you"(God)

"So are going to sent me to heaven or hell?"(Lucifer)

"Oh no you can reincarnation but you can't reincarnated in you old world and also as a sorry gift I will give you 10 wishes"(God)

"Thank you"(Lucifer)

1-To be born as a boy and have no memory of me as a girl.

2-Have a Anime System with infinity system point

3-Have Itachi Uchiha face and eyes

4-Have gamer body and mind

5-Have the strong and powerful vain in the world.

"The other wishes can I wish later?"(Lucifer)

"Sure now what world would you want to go?"(God)

"I want to go to ATG 1 years before the story" (Lucifer)

"Ok I hope. you will have fun in this life"(God)

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