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Kirie POV

"If we are going to the warehouse then you are waking wrong," I said while behind my brother. He didn't even bother to tell me where we are going. He stopped and then looked at me for a second and continued walking. "So now you know the way to the warehouse and back now," he stated. He was talking about what happened yesterday. I was trying to explore the village on our way back home and got lost. When Yuki found he didn't stop laughing at me the whole time. Even though we know each other barely it's hard to leave that guy alone. "We are going to visit my mother," he announced. The fact that he still had a mother shocked me a bit. During our trip, he told me how our father suddenly appeared in front of him and separated him from his mother. You could clearly see that our father's loyalty is pretty strong.

I expected the village was known as the 'Bloody Mist' to be a very smelly poor unmanaged place but it only appeared that certain places were like that. It is a bit cold and foggy in the morning and the evening, but for the rest, the temperature is not too bad. Yuki also let me be the river near our home. He was super nice when the sun went down. I was a little surprised when we arrived at the home of Yuki's mother. It was a brothel. I saw young prostitutes giggling at us. They better don't misunderstand us.

"You are finally here, brat. Your mother was worried something happened." said the middle-aged lady that stood in front of us. " Good morning as well too you, Aunt Kurumi. She worries way too much. I have brought someone with me;" Yuki said while pointing at me. "Your girlfriend?" asked Aunt Kurumi. "She isn't. She is my sister." Aunt Kurumi looked a bit disappointed but I didn't it was because I wasn't Yuki's girlfriend or because I was his sister. "That means that bastard was fooling around with another lady as well. That man... What is he trying to achieve?" I seem to agree with Aunt Kurumi, what is Father actually trying to achieve? "Why don't we just ignore it and leave it be? Her name is Kirie. I will see you at lunch." he said while entering the brothel.

He left me alone with Aunt Kurumi. There was an awkward silence. "Did you lost your tongue or something?" she questioned all of a sudden. I didn't notice that she was glaring at me. "I can talk but just don't know what to say," I commented. "I see. How old are you?" she inquired. "I'm 5 years old just like my brother," I responded. "When did you two meet each other?" she continued. "Yesterday." Why does she keep asking questions? "And you call him your brother already?" she interrogated. What's with this woman? Why is she trying to bully a 5-year-old child? "Is there something wrong with that?" I queried. "Nothing is wrong with that." she sat down in front of the brothel. "It's just that the brat will grow as an adult someday but I can only see him like the baby he was. When he told me he was going to be a shinobi, my heart stopped beating for a while. That man ruined all my plans to have the kid live a peaceful life." I took a seat next to her to carefully listen to what she was saying. "The brat keeps the ones who he loves very close to him. But I'm afraid of his reaction when he loses someone dear to him." She sighed and took out her kiseru (Japanese pipe) out of her pocket. "Kirie, thank you for listening to this old lady. Be sure to take care of yourself and your brother, okay." The stern face she wore a while ago was away and was replaced by a gentle smile. "Yes. I will do my best." She tried to answer her seriously but she didn't know that she had a smile covering her face as well.

Hiroyuki POV

Someone was disturbing me just when I was finally sleeping. It appeared that my sister was shaking me awake."Yuki, you should wake up already! We are going to be late on our first day." she said. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my sister standing in front of my bed. "That can't be. I checked the clock a minute ago and it was 4 o'cloc

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