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I expected to die alone but not when I'm just 18 years old. I almost finished school, I was so looking forward to it. Always sitting alone in class, being assigned to a group where I am the only one doing the work. The school mainly consisted of boys, so falling in love never happened. After I would graduate I would take a breather and visit an exotic country or something like that. I guess things don't go always as you want. If it were the case I would have a lot of friends and a girlfriend and everything from here an there. I'm not like I would be happy if I were in that situation. My big sister called people like me a loner. I have zero social skills and when someone is having a conversation next to me I never know when I could cut in and talk as well. So with that, I was regarded as a guy who speaks rarely.

First I wanted to speak more but later on from watching them from a distance, they seemed so annoying that I didn't bother anymore. I wonder where I am going, hell or heaven? I have always been obedient towards my parents and always respected them. I never committed a crime before. It was rather ironic that I died in a car accident. After school, I went to visit my sister and her kids after my stay I went home and got hit by a car. I felt a lot of pain and lost conscious. I woke up in the hospital feeling pain all over my body. I didn't feel like living anymore. I could see blurry people that I think was my family. I closed my eyes and left this world.

I was thinking that I would rest in peace now but I suffered pain instead. I couldn't move my ligaments but I was somehow moving. I thought that I am in some weird cramped space. I didn't know what kind of situation I was in. My head left the weird space and my vision was blurry I could only see some blobs standing around me. They were huge! The rest of my body left the tight space. The hurt I was feeling was unbearable that I started crying. "Omedetōgozaimasu! Sore was otokonokodesu! (Congratulations! It's a boy!)" I heard. What was this language? Before I knew it I lost conscious.

It has been 2 years since that day. I learned and to craw and shortly after that to walk. I learned how to talk but I don't talk that much. It was rather hard to believe but I have been reincarnated. The language used here is Japanese. With my chubby hands, I have been able to write some words in Japanese taught by my older sisters. In my previous life I only had one big sister but now I have a lot of them. They are all young and I am their cute baby brother. I think of them as a family even though we aren't related. I live in a pleasure district if you could say it in a more refined way. It is rather weird to live with them but I got used to it. Even though me being a boy I secretly followed the classes for the yujo to become an oiran. They had to be educated in a range of skills, including the traditional arts of sadō (tea ceremony), ikebana (flower arranging) and calligraphy. I also listen to them mastering certain instruments called the koto, shakuhachi, tsuzumi (hand drum) and shamisen.

The courtesan approached the tayū as she was asked. The courtesan had long pitch black hair, purple eyes, tanned skin, and a slender yet curvy body. She was a beauty but the same could be said for the woman in front of her. She was sitting in seiza in front of her table with some warm tea served. She had pale glossy skin, blue eyes, and long blond hair."Can I help you,tayū?" she asked. "Hana, you don't have to call me tayū. It has been a while since we have talked," she answered. Hana took a seat and saw her friend looking towards another direction. She followed the place where she was looking at and saw her son playing with the other girls from the brothel. "Is he the reason we haven't been talking so much?" the tayū asked. "It's not like that Risa. Yuki-chan is very smart for his age so he can take care of himself. And the other girls help him out as well." the young mother quickly answ

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