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"I demand that you let go of him immediately." Aunt Kurumi said bravely. Despite saying it bravely she was shaking when she encountered the man. "I don't think you have any say in this since I'm his father." he retorted. The man who claimed to be my father was still holding my hand fiercely for some reason people around didn't notice us and just were walking past by. They didn't even look at us. "How dare you claim him as your child!" Aunt Kurumi yelled. The civilians around us still didn't notice this situation. It made me anxious. "What-what do you from me?!" I managed to say. I was scared. His whole appearance made my whole body shiver. He was a muscular tall man and has the same green hair like me. He had a stoic face that glared at Aunt Kurumi."I am taking ou with me. You will be with me 6 days a week and 1 day with your mother. " I was shocked by his answer. I only get to see my mother once a week and I need to stay with this freak. "What about my mother's-" before I could say more the man slapped my face. When he saw tears in my eyes he slapped me once again. "Shut up, offspring. Listen to your parent and be obedient. If you cry I will slap you once again. Understood?" I nodded towards him while fighting against my tears. "Please don't take him with you. We decided he will live a normal life." My self proclaimed father looked at her furiously. "Kirigakure needs all the strength it has no matter how young. I observed him closely and he is far smarter than other kids his age. He will be a great help in the future for the village." He lifted me up and carried me on his back. "You will see him at the end of the week." We left before she could answer.

After a few minutes, I managed to speak to him. "Where are we going?" He didn't stop to answer my question. "You didn't stutter this time. That's an improvement." What amazed me was that this was leaping on buildings and trees like a ninja. Is he a ninja? Wait, Hiroyuki. You may be a child but to think that there are people who are a ninja in this world is nonsense. But it might be since I didn't notice something similar to my old world. Reading the books in the office of Aunt Kurumi didn't help me as well. I stopped thinking about it when we arrived at a big house secluded from the city. "This where you will train to become a shinobi that will serve the village." A shinobi? As in ninja? What did I get myself in?

3 years later...

I am playing hide and seek with my dad now. Yay! We are having some father and son time. If someone would say that I would slice that persons throat immediately. It seems shinobi have rather another idea of playing hide and seek. My dad is hiding in a huge forest behind our house while hiding his chakra and ordered his son to find him all alone. Who sends his child all alone in a forest at midnight. I never thought that as an indoor type I would learn survival skills. My father has been training me in everything he knows from kenjutsu to taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu. He never praises me and always points out the smallest mistakes. I have confidence in m skill thanks to that. Back to hide and seek. The time limit is 3 hours. I have never managed to find him, I could find faint traces he left behind on purpose. When we were doing he went to put on his clothes to go to work. "I have a mission for the whole week. Remember you are only allowed to see your mother on Sunday." I nodded and waved him goodbye. This situation happens all the time. I grab something to eat and read some books. This truly peace I can finally relax. Always training during the week and at the end of the week accompanying my mother everywhere. Sometimes I get a glare from Lady Risa. I guess she hates shinobi for some reason.

"Oyabun!" I heard a high-pitched voice. A scruffy child runs towards my house and kept screaming. I opened the door quickly. "What's wrong, Daichi?" The kid was rather tall and but he was incredibly dumb. He is like a kid who only has muscles and

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