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This going how I planned it. Now my memories of my previous life are useless now. I was hoping that I could use them somehow help Obito and Kakashi our or take care of Naruto or something like that. I lived in a normal village without any ninja in the Land of Woods. Since the day I was born I always played with my chakra. It was fun to play pranks on those little kids with genjutsu. The caretakers of my orphanage didn't bother me since they thought I was mute. I kept training my basic ninja skills for the future. Throwing heavy sharp stick and stones, widening my sensing range and my stamina. I always had the feeling that someone was watching me but I couldn't find that person. But he suddenly appeared in front of me. He was wearing a mask with a red mark on it, I recognized his uniform it was from Kirigakure. A hunter-nin. He slowly approached me. I could only defend me with my wires, the wires I stole from some shops in our village. In my previous life, I was so fascinated by how Doflamingo from One Piece used his strings. If you are in a world that defies everything from your other world then you can't help it to try it out. I throw the wires around him but before I knew he broke them and appeared in front of me. "Another success. And a genius at that. I am ashamed that I didn't notice you sooner." What was this talking about? "What do you want from me?" I demanded. He took his mask and revealed his face. Was this and henge or not? He looked a lot like me. We shared the same eyes, same hair color and the same skin and the same facial features. He was a handsome man. "A parent and his child should stick together. I am taking you with me. You will be a great asset for Kirigakure in the future." He took my hand and hold it fiercely. "Come with me, Kirie. Your talent will only waste here." Why Kirigakure of all places? I had many questions but I couldn't ask them. We traveled towards Kirigakure. I was registered as Nishiki Kirie. When we arrived at our house I met my brother. The only difference between us was that he looked more like a girl than a boy and that his skin was tanned. I followed him since he was ordered by our father to show me around.

I showed her around the house. She was a quiet kid. She just silently followed me around and nodded a few times. "This is my room or rather our room. You sure don't mind to sleep with me in the same room?" I asked her. "It's okay. There is no need to get another room for me." So formal. "You don't have to be so formal since we are family." She scoffed when she heard that. I got pissed by the way she was acting. "Is there something wrong with what I just told you?" I questioned her. "Not really; But do you really think of me as a family?" A scowl appeared on her face. "Is there something wrong with that?" I asked her. I wasn't sure what to say to her since I have always been together with family till now. When I looked at her closely she was a bit shocked by my answer. "Not really. I just..." She was searching for the words for what she was trying to say. "I'm sorry for being so childish." She apologized and even bowed towards me. "Like I already said you are way too formal. Loosen up a bit. I don't know from you came but you can relax here." I placed my hands on her shoulder. "Remember that I am your family. You have family and friends for you in times of need. Don't hesitate to ask for help." Instead of the stoic look that Dad and her share, a big smile covered. "I see. But you don't tell your elder sister that;" She said. "Wait, since when are you the oldest. I am 5 years old, born on 18 December. What about you?" I commented proudly. She was small so I estimated her to be 3 years old or something. " I am 5 years old as well and I am born on 17 December. That makes me older than you." She was mocking me. How can she be older than me? "Ah! I almost forget we have to go to Dad's office. He doesn't like to wait so hurry up." We both ran towards his office.

I knocked on the

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