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"Welcome, everyone. You all will be witnessing an amazing fight in our cozy apartment." Takashi announced while standing on the table.

"At the right side of the table is sitting our favorite walking shark" Kisame grunted. "Kisame!" I clapped loudly. "At the other side of the table is our favorite airhead." Daichi glared at him. "Daichi!" Shinsuke.

"Now to our commentators, how is the outmatch going to be?" I decided to answer. I coughed softly in my hand. "I have no doubt that Kisame will win," I said with confidence. "Thanks for your support!" Daichi said sarcastically. "In my opinion, I think Daichi will win this," Shinsuke stated while coughing lightly in his hand. I heard Kisame say 'Tch' very softly.

"Let's start this match." Takashi jumped off the table and placed both his hands on the right hand of the contenders. "You guys know the rules of a normal arm wrestling match. No chakra and put whole your body weight behind it." They both nodded.

"Start" Takashi yelled while releasing his hold on them.

For a whole minute they were drawing the whole time but it was such a matter of time that Kisame gained the upper hand. It was only a few centimeters that were keeping

Kisame from victory. Daichi didn't give up and you could at his red face that he was doing everything to not lose. I was focusing so hard on Daichi that I didn't see Kisame losing strength. The boy who looked like a shark hand was nearing cole to the table. The battle was almost done.

Takashi decided to put extra pressure on the losing side. "Can he survive this? Will he be able to come back?" Takashi commented while standing a few centimeters away from the table.

"When this is done I will kill you" announced the sweating Kisame.

Kisame used his anger to come back and won while... smashing the table. The participants both fell from their chairs and were laying on the remnants of the table. The winner had a big smile on his face.

"And the winner is... Daichi," announced Takashi. I couldn't what I was hearing the same for Kisame. "Kisame lost by using chakra to win. Never forget the rules." Kisame tried to complain but was instantly interrupted by Takashi. "Don't you dare underestimate my sensor abilities."

I just didn't felt good when I gave the money to Shinsuke. One day I will beat that cocky grin off his face.

I coughed in my hand. "Since I don't live here and I don't wanna receive the wrath of the girls."

"Wait! You need to stay! It was your-" I slammed the door behind me. I ran quickly towards home so I can enjoy my home alone time.

Nishiki Mizuki POV

"This is the last one," I said while the missing-nin dropped dead in front of me. This mission was longer than I expected because the organization was larger than we expected it to be. I had no problem dealing them with since they were just low chunin.

"Senpai." I turned myself towards the cheery voice of my kouhai. I was sure that a smile covering his face even though he was covered in the blood of his opponents.

" It seems we are done. I have been longing to go home and have a good warm meal," he commented while stretching. "

I am surprised that you enjoy being at home and eating a warm meal more than killing people." I retorted. A porcelain mask with a yellow curve on it stared at me.

"At least I am sharing my meal with my beautiful girlfriend. That's something you wouldn't be able to." This kid was rather annoying. Every veteran hunter-nin get assigned a newbie so they could learn how to do things. I underestimated how much of a pain in the ass this thing could be. At first, Kiro looked a very quiet type but I was totally wrong he has a big mouth and likes taking people lives way too much. I could bet 1.000.000 Ryo that the kid will lose sanity when he goes solo.

"Why do you think I wouldn't have someone make a meal for me," I asked with curiosity. He chuckled when he heard my question. "I am sure you can only seduce women and

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