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May 3rd 2013 10:25pm

One word could describe my birthday party: chaotic. The music for one was loud to the point that it had the house vibrating.

This did not seem to bother anyone, though.

There where people everywhere; the basement had people loitering in groups, some were playing pool in the corner and bursting out in booming fits of laughter now and then. There were others clustered in various parts of the room; one group was passing around joints that filled the room with a misty cloud of silliness and mischief, another was playing beer pong on the floor, half of them already in deep drunken states.

The middle floor, however, was where the main party was going on, and where the music thundered the loudest. The kitchen was filled with masses of drunk or stoned teenagers snacking on whatever they could find, some of them sitting on the counters and others on barstools; I was pretty sure there was a passed out kid under the kitchen island. In the living room, people were grinding greedily on each other; boys that usually got zero action took advantage of wasted girls that had now taken off their shirts, or most of their clothes, to feel more 'comfortable'. Some couples or singles grabbed anyone they could find to feel better about themselves, sucking each other's faces off desperately.

With the number of provocative shenanigans taking place on the main floor, I didn't even want to think of what could be happening upstairs, where the bedrooms were.

"Happy Birthday" Heaven said with a huge smile, before pulling me into a crushing hug. Heaven Cassidy was a petite, strawberry-blonde haired girl, with wide sea-green colored eyes, a tiny, stubby nose, and pouting lips, as well as a cheerful and completely adventurous personality.

She was also Lolita's best friend.

I laughed, letting out a puff of air as she squeezed my abdomen a tad bit too excitedly. She released me almost immediately, planting a massive, sloppy kiss on my cheek before I could swat her away.

"Heaven," I laughed, feigning annoyance as I swiped her gob off of my cheek "have you been drinking?

Heaven giggled, before running her hand through her hair and shaking her head slowly. I raised my brow, not completely believing that alcohol had nothing to do with her sudden affectionate behavior. Before I could question her further, she smiled cheekily at me, then disappeared into the crowd of sweaty bodies. I shook my head amusingly, a smirk dancing on my lips as I grabbed the couple of beers that had brought me to the kitchen in the first place, and then made my way back to my friends who were hanging out on a sofa in the living room.

"Happy Birthday Shay!"

"Hey, Shay!"

"Great party Shay!"

I chuckled to myself, not bothering to respond. They had all probably turned back to their dance partners, their bottles of alcohol, and bowls of chips or burnt-out joints. The last comment, however, was meant for Justin. Being the expert at th

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