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theorific > Raindrops Book 1: Cry > 50 Chapter 17A
"Speak when you are angry, and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret." – Laurence J. Peter

October 7th, 2013; 7:59 pm

I cried.

For the first time in my entire life, I finally cried. Bawling my eyes out, it dawned on me that even when I had experienced the death of my grandmother and the break-up of my parents, those events had not been enough to trigger my emotions.

I had cried, at last, and was still crying because I had finally been able to accept the fact that Lolita was dead; my little sister had died trying to save my life. The thing was that I couldn't believe that I had fooled myself for five whole months into thinking that she was still alive. I had believed that she was still here; that she was still alive and breathing, and had fooled myself into thinking that everything would be okay.

The truth was nothing would ever be okay; my dad was thousands of miles away with a completely new family, my mother had disappeared almost two weeks ago with no traces of her whereabouts, probably with the same man that had tried to **** me. Avian, a boy I had stupidly fallen in love with was diagnosed with a sickness he refused to treat, basically meaning that he didn't even want to be alive.

Oh, and that I would never see my little sister again.

All I had left was me.

I ran my hands through my hair, curled my feet under me, and stared out the window as the tears ran down my face. Avian had his left hand on the steering, and his right hand was intertwined with mine; now and then, he would glance at me and shoot me a small smile.

What was he smiling about? I was over here, absolutely crying my eyes out and he was smiling pitifully at me, as though he felt sorry for me.

I didn't need his pity, and I did not want him to feel sorry for me! I had come this far without his sympathy, so why was he all of a sudden being sorry for me? Was it because of the tears? Was it cause I couldn't stop the sobs choking me?

Damn these tears!

I was embarrassed that every time I tried to stop the tears from flowing it only seemed to make me cry heavier so I glanced out the window to hide my tears. The car zoomed past various houses and blended the scenery into one long, blurry shade of yellow lights. As I stared out the window at the view, several thoughts ran through my mind.

I had only just accepted the truth; what would happen when Avian's time was up? What would I do then?

I removed my hand slowly from his as we pulled up into my driveway, and stuck it into my pocket. The more in love I fell in love with Avian, the harder the blow would be when his sickness won the fight he'd given up, so where would that leave me?

Sad, heartbroken, and all alone, that's where.

Avian turned the radio off, and then slowly shut off the engine. He let out a sigh, and glanced at me, silence slowly filling the car.

"You'll get through this"

I shook my head, my eyes slowly watering up again as I glanced down a

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