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A Beautiful figure crashed in the room of Ling Yun. A 16-17 year old girl, whole body covers with white ancient clothes torn here and there, barely covering the important parts of the girl. Two jade white feet, slender long legs, short white skirt above the thigh, weak willow tree like waist as if will break at the slightest touch.

Certainly, the chest apartment of the beauty was lacking.Her breasts as could be seen through the the white tattered clothes were obviously B+ or C.

But what was most astonishing was not all this, the girl's hair were not the usual black but pinkish red giving a soul stealing glamour to her. Red eyelashes and eyebrows, oval face making one unable to bear want to touch.

Yes, our Ling Yun is no saint or court eunuch, He stepped forward absent mindedly and stretched out his left hang to touch the face of girl. As soon as his hand touched the girl's face, his hand felt a burning pain.

"Duck, she is poisoned. Who is cruel enough to poison such a beauty. " Feeling the pain awoke ling yun . Just as he wanted to retract his hand back, the girl suddenly opened her eyes and grabbed ling Yun's hand with her delicate white hands and broke by biting ling Yun's finger. She sucked crazily his blood without showing any sign to stop.

Slowly, ling Yun lost the strength to revolt and helplessly watched as the girl ducked his blood.

Luckily, he was a cultivator and could tolerate the massive blood loss. Sky Poison Pearl to purify the poison otherwise his hand will have burned with just contact with the girl's skin.

Unconsciously, Ling Yun's gaze fell on the eyes of the girl, her eyes were same red as her hairs. These eyes seemed to have a soul pulling strength which Sucked ling yun into it.

Not known how long this situation continued, she suddenly released his finger, changed to a white light and vanished in the body of ling Yun.

Ling Yun might have thought it a dream if not for the girl's clothes lying on the ground and a huge hole in the ceiling of his room.

The wound on the finger under the regenerative strength of dragon's body soon healed. Remembering the inner space of Sky Poison Pearl, Ling Yun with a thought made his spirit body enter the pearl. There was the spirit body of the girl naked covered by the thin veil of green light. This light was the purifying power of Sky Poison Pearl.

Ling Yun covered his eyes with both hands and peeked through the gaps of the finger only to see red curly hairs on the precious garden of the girl. He soon turned around so as not to blaspheme the beauty. From the corner of his eyes, he caught the sight of remnant greyish soul of Luo De.

Not willing to ponder much, ling Yun, left the Pearl and looked around in his room. It could no longer be called a room anymore though. He waved his hand and the nine cauldron furnace entered inside the infinite space of the Pearl.

He also threw, Qin Qiuyue's clothes for girl inside the Pearl

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