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Xue Mengyue was the daughter of Xue Family. The Xue Family was a big family of China. Their family owned all types of medical facilities, be it Chinese medicine, growing of medical herbs, western medicine, western herbal techniques, Ayurveda... etc.

The Xue Family had a very big name in the medical industry. It was not only respected for their wealth but each of the facilities they owned, gave impartial treatment. The sick were taken care like family. Many people, poor to rich, therefore respected them.

The family was passed to the Mengyue's father, Xue Caihe. Xue Mengyue's grandfather lived in Sunan District, she to take care of her grandfather lived in Sunan. She admitted herself to Guanyu University, of which her grandfather possessed some shares.

She, every one two days a month, took leave from school to look after her grandfather. But no one was discontended as she was a prodigy. She scored top in her class in almost every exam, but never proud, respecting teachers and elders alike.

Xue Mengyue's gracious and gentle nature had won the hearts of many. Therefore, when she took holidays to look after her weak grandfather, she was given permission with ease.

Xue Mengyue was 17 years old, one meter seven high big beauty, in her second year of high school. She was in same grade and in same class as Li Na. Both beauties always competed in studies. Beside them, there was no student who scored first!

Now, this girls was conversing with the hospital manager. "Doctor Li, that middle aged lady's father was not even looked properly and was sent away! Is this the conduct of our hospital!? "

"Miss Xue, our doctors looked carefully then sent her away! " Doctor Li, the manager of the hospital argued hastily. Li Su was a middle aged man with mild appearance, he Posessed good nature and was a skilled doctor too! Also, being a trusted confidant to Xue Family, he was given the role of hospital manager!

" From what I know, the old man had 3rd level cancer in his final stage. doctor Li is a good doctor, please tell me was is impossible to cure him in our hospital? " Xue Mengyue glanced at the test reports of that old man.

" If we used the newly transported equipment, there was 50-50 chance to cure that old man!" Li Su replied honestly.

"Then our doctors did not even try and sent the lady away, just because she was poor. Our this hospital is opened for charitable services, at low costs. Even if the middle aged lady might have not been able to pay, we could have given her time to pay the money and so. Mr. Li surely understands my point right? " Xue Mengyue did not address Li Su , as doctor but Mr, showing her displeasure.

Li Su was a bright man. He quickly, understood Xue Mengyue's point and hastily said:" I will reprimand whoever was responsible, to make sure this mistake doesn't occur again."

Xue Mengyue nodded and her anger also regressed a lot. "Also, next time please conduct more proper research on their moral character. If the person does not treat human life carefully, he can never be successful in treating the sick! Right Doctor Li!?"

"Yes! " Li Su seriously nodded! One must know the heaviness of human life. If one could not understand this basic, he was doomed to be forever not be successful in medicine way! To a doctor, there is no status of opposite party other than a patient! This was the belief of Li Su.

"But, still to cure the cancer with just one pill! Amazing! That old man is really something! Even our equipment are not able to make the old person such healthy like a 30 year old! " Li Su honestly praised ling yun as he recalled the facial expression of Old man after he took the pill!

Suddenly, he thought something and said to Xue Mengyue." Miss Xue, if possible, he might be able to cure old person! "

The old person was none other than Xue Mengyue's Grandfather. He was sick but one could not recognize his illness. The old person was a great medical expert too!

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