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Night time in Sunan District!

In the small compartment, Ling yun was sitting on his bed and observing the Nine Underworld Refining technique book which the devil Rosie gave him.

"The book seems incomplete. Fuck, what consideration and sincerity! It is not even the complete edition! It is hardly enough for me to to enter the thresh hold and practice some magical arts. Devils really should not be believed. " Ling Yun had the impulsion to shout 'mother-fucker'.

The Nine Underworld Refining Technique which Rosie had given Ling Yun, was not complete. It only had the basic heart law of profound energy revolution and some basic details on it!

" Wait, She said this technique is of LuoCha sect. That Luo De said he was of Luocha Sect. Um, first I will Practice this heart law and later, I when Luo De is able to speak, I will force him to spit out the complete technique. Really, I am a genius! " Ling Yun elated with success, started to practice the Underworld refining technique Heart law.

Ling Yun's perception was great but he was not good at sitting still for long times, therefore he practiced slow.

In just 15 minutes, change started to appear on Ling Yun's body. Black gas rose from Ling Yun's body. Black scales started to crawl on ling yun's body spreading to each corner of his body. Soon, Ling yun opened his eyes and looked at his scale covered body. He looked like a cruel demon, with red eyes, red hair and black scaly body. . The was no trace of handsomeness left on him.

"Fuck, It is Quiet ugly. Good, it is only temporary or how later father will exit to pick girls. " Ling Yun cursed . With a thought, black scales hid under the skin and his body turned to one meter eight handsome appearence.

"Um Now is better. "

The scaly appearance is the Devil transformation appearance practicing the refining technique. It draws power from one's heart demon and changes the appearance of the practioner to that of demon. This appearance is not only for show but can contains lethal offensive power. It can also be made that the transformation only appears on some specific parts of the body.

As Long Yun was turning the inside out of Nine Underworld Refining technique, His left hand started to throb. Specifically, it was not the hand but Sky Poison Pearl ,which was fused with him, which was pulsating. Ling yun searched his memories and realized that this was the treasure hunting ability of Sky Poison Pearl.

"Let's see what you found! " Ling Yun changed to demonic form and pursued the direction as indicated by Sky Poison Pearl.

At this time, in Guanyu University, a pretty form was standing on the roof top of the school building, tears dripping down on her face. If one looked carefully, one will be shocked as this pretty form was none other than Lin Youyou. A clear red imprint of palm with five distinct fingers was visible on her sobbing face.

After she followed Guo Huai in the morning, Lin Youyou was brutally raped by Guo Huai and his men. They took turns on her. After all was done, Guo Huai slapped her and left her behind telling her to not say a word about this to anyone or he will leak her video on being raped on Internet.

Lin Youyou was a pure girl. She was born in Countryside in a farmer family. Li Chuan was her childhood friend. With great difficulty, they both got admitted in Guanyu University. After entering the school, she saw the girls which changed her whole psychology. She did not want to live in poverty her whole life and decided to follow Guo Huai this morning.

She never would have imagined that her decision would have such big consequence. When lin Youyou regained herself, she found herself on the terrace of school building. Regret, anger, shame, pain and different negative emotions filled her heart. She regretted her decision and ignoring words of Li Chuan, anger on Guo Huai and shame to have no face to go see her parents or Li chuan.

With Finally no place to g

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