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Qin Qiuyue was a cultivator and eldest daughter of Qin family of the Linyi City. Qin family has large business empire and is the overlord of linyi city. No one knows that this is the family of cultivators with duty to protect the Tomb cave of Qin Shi Huang.

Once Qin Qiuyue , disrespected the order to enter the Tomb of Qin shi huang then got caught is an ancient trap losing all her cultivation and suffering serious loses. She was 20 year old that year.

Later, Qin family elders found this out and got very angry. But still to say she was the eldest daughter of the family and a promising talent, the patriarch of the family was the father of family and her younger sister too was a talent in profound way.

The elders collectively decided to only exaile her for twenty years. Also, qin qiuyue had lost her cultivation base which was a punishment for her. Within just 4 years of cultivation she had reached Spirit profound realm peak and her younger sister in 2 years reached Nascent profound realm peak.

After healing from her injuries, Qin qiuyue left the Qin family. Two years later, she married an Archeologist and gave birth to a son and named him ling yun.

Again 18 years later, she decided to return to return to her family with husband and child. As fate would have it, her husband fied few years after ling yun was born and her injury took recuperations and began to swallow her vitality. She knew she would leave soon so she wanted her son to contact her aunt Qin Dongfang who was also Qin Qiuyue's younger sister to take care of him.

But as soon as she swallowed the medicine ling yun gave her, she fell asleep. She had a long dream. She felt as if her body turned to when she was 20years old and cultivation would soon return to her body. Her Body condition was even better than before. All that later 20 years felt like they never existed.

Soon, she woke up! Her body condition felt like as she saw in a dream. qin qiuyue traced her face and did not feel the ususl wrinkles. No matter which era, women always care about their beauty, especially beautiful women.

Qin Qiuyue hurried to the bathroom and shed her clothes. She stood in front of a Single long mirror in the bathroom, looked at the beautiful shade reflected in the mirror and uttered a loud cry.

Qin Qiuyue calmed down and felt her condition. Her profound energy was restoring was now at 3rd layer of Elementary profound realm. She did not have enough time to rejoice when the bathroom door was shoved open.

Ling yun still in red eyed condition, entered the bathroom. The bathroom was big enough. There was a partition door , beyond which was a bathtub. In the front partition there was a cloth rack, a washbasin and a long two meter mirror where Qin Qiuyue was standing naked.

Her perfect body, beautiful face, big chest and buttocks below slender waist which curl upwards. Long Black hair spread over the shoulders till her waist, slender legs and her black beautiful garden.

Seeing Such perfect body, further rose the lust in Ling yun's eyes. Without thought , Lingyun firmly pressed Qin Qiuyue's beautiful body underneath him.

"L-ling yu...mu mu" Before Qin Qiuyue could finish her words, Ling yun heavily kissed her on her cherry red lips. While she was in a shock, a tongue parted her teeth and teased her tongue making her mind blank without thought processing capacity.

With A thought Ling yun turned his clothes to powder. When Qin Qiuyue was able to regain herself and tried push Ling yun away. But where 3rd layer of Elementary profound realm cultivator is the match of 7th layer Elementary profound realm cultivator.

Soon a tearing pain was felt by qin qiuyue below lower abdomen, hymen was broken and blood rushed out signalling loss of woman's virginity. The pain later turned to pleasure making her fly to sky not to know many times.

Moans of pleasure filled the whole bathroom.About two hours later, the sound quited down.

In bathroom, Qin Qiuyue lay

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