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As Long Yun enter his class, he saw that the class was unusually lively today. Soon he came to know the reason, he saw two familiar faces. These were Li Qian and Tang Meng.

There were three rows of tables for students to sit on the class. Side the window line, at the Last ,was the desk of Ling Yun. These desks were made big enough for three people to sit on it. Just beside his desk was the Yang Shanshan's desk, shared by two more females. In the front desk of Yang Shanshan, was sitting Tang Meng. He was trying to talk to Yang Shanshan only to be ignored each time as she continued to study the book in front of her.

By now, the news of Ling yun and Luo Qinglin dating was the hottest topic of discussion among the students. So, Tang Meng, while there was no rival, wanted to win the favour of Yang Shanshan. But With time, Tang Meng realised that today Yang shanshan seemed more colder than usual.

Other side, Li Qian was sitting on the front desk of Ling Yun and continually pestering Luo Qinglin. It was well known in school that he was pursuing Luo Qinglin. This was also the reason why the news of Ling Yun and Luo Qinglin being a couple spread like wild fire. Ling Yun Snatched the girl under the nose of young master Li Qian!

Actually, the seat of Ling yun was a very envied seat of class, why you ask, because on his left sat Luo Qinglin But the right seat which was usually empty was the seat of Superstar Chen Xin.

But no one knew the pain of ling yun. On the day of seat allotment, Yang shanshan first got the seat, when ling Yun tried to get the Present Chen Xin's seat, Chen Xin first took the opportunity and snatched the seat, then ling Yun got the seat next to Chen Xin. He was also content as he thought that Chen Xin and he were friends and could exchange the seat with her. Lastly, Luo Qinglin also got the seat next to him.

The seat allotment process was flexible and many students could talk among themselves and rearrange their seats. When asked by ling Yun to the student why did he give his seat to Luo Qinglin, he trembled and told he was afraid of heights and being next to window will affect his health.

If only this then all was good, but Chen Xin never agreed to let Ling Yun sit on her seat. She said that he was a pervert what if he enjoyed her smell left behind by her body on the seat, alone with a 360 degree pinch on his waist , which remained sore for long time. Afraid, Ling Yun never asked second time in her presence to exchange the seats. Anyway, Chen Xin would only attend class 3 days out of 5, other days she would be busy concert or CD recording.

This too was just the start. The three days Chen Xin Attended class were hell days of his waist meat. Whenever Ling Yun tried to talk to Yang Shanshan, his bag was found with some perverted material, found ogling at the beautiful teacher, glancing at the PE class girls in the school grounds... etc,. He would suffer the pinches on either side of his waist.

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