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December Night time in Sunan District.Sunan District is china's outer district, quite well developed! At this time in a dark street a bicycle is fast running! Dark clouds gather in sky, signalling that rain might arrive!

Bicycle is your old 28 type , an average student type, on the handle is hung white plastic bag, inside some medicines could be seen. The boy looked up at the sky and pantingly shouted:

"Fuck, have to hurry, mom is sick. The bastard doctor, why did you write so hard to find medicine, nearly had to search whole city medicine shops! Damn him! *sigh* mom will surely be worried."

If you look care fully you will find that the boy is quite fat but cute, an oval face, handsome eyebrows and black hair, sharp nose. At this time sweat trickling down his forehead, nearly falling into his eyes! Sadness fills his face as if thinking some sad thoughts. Quickly he shakes his head as of to drive away that bad thoughts, with his shake his cycle also shook nearly making him lose balance and fall down.

"fuck so how today is bad luck." boy shouted angrily.

At this time, front sounded a horn of truck! The truck is speeding away, night dark as it is, driver did not notice a cycle is riding his front, continued to drive at the same speed! The street is narrow for one vehicle to pass by.


A collision but driver did not hear. why? because earphones in his ear , whistling a hum~hum. A cycle collides truck is like elephant steps on ant. Few scratches and the truck drives away.

Side a broken bicycle lay side blood filling under the body of boy.

"Cough... Cough" blood spilling out of mouth " Like this I die, I am not willing. I am 18 in final high school year, I have yet to propose to the girl I like. My mother is sick, father died when I was young. If I die mom will be all alone! I am not willing..... please ..... help... someone..."with a few final words boy's breath stopped.

A locket on boy's neck filled with blood shines bright whitish-golden glow. krack! krack! wheels of destiny started to turn.


Another remote world!

A child is born in a temple! Buddha's shapes and statues could be seen on walls and pillars.

"Amitabha, the donor has good destiny. The boy is doomed to be the tribulation the person . Is the luck is the calamity time will tell. Amitabha Buddha! bless your child! Om" A buddhist monk alone in room looks at child for some time then looks at dark sky clouds filled with roaring thunder, like anouncing arrival of his arch enemy, speaks spookily.

At this time, other corner of same world, separated by thousands of miles.

In a royal palace, king is anxiously pacing back and forth. He is listening to the sounds of crying anxiously. worry filling his face.

Finally, the sound stops, a maid arrives face filled with joy.

"king, queen safely gave birth to a beautiful daughter" Maid bowed and happily said corners of mouth haning a smile.

king, as soon as heard, ran to his queen. This where is a king's way, clearly is a father and husband anxious to see the child and wife.

In a luxurious room, was lying a beautiful woman, surroundings were females which helped in child birth. side the woman in a beautiful craddle made of luxury wood, studded with gems lied a child crying. Two beautiful and clever eyes surveying the surroundings, curious about the new world.


the door was shoved open, king,in a panting breath stood there. Calming the breath for some time. He arrived beside the craddle saw his daughter in silk blanket in the craddle. Slowly stretching his shaking arms, he lifted his daughter.

Carefully, looking at his daughter, as if afraid to miss a single detail. Other wordly face like a goddess of heaven, soft skin soft limbs, her phoenix like eyebrows, black in white pupil rotating unceasingly.

Four eyes connected, the girls eyes as if sucked the soul out of body of king.

"Husband, come let me hav

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