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After Ling yun changed to school uniform, He went to school. Since yesterday, his cycle broke down, he decided to take bus to school!

Guanyu High school was a 3rd rate highschool. Even though it was a 3rd rate high school still it was very popular recently Because Chen Xin, a new popular singer was from thos school. So for some time the school ha been under high light.

Most unfortunate was that , chen xin was the classmate of Ling yun. why unfortunate! Because she would often quarrel with Ling yun.

In the ling yun's class 12 F there were three beauties. One was the superstar Chen Xin. Other was Luo Qinglin. Third was Yang Shanshan.

Ling yun was in love with yang shanshan. It was love at first sight. For three years, He has been pursuing yang shanshan but she never responded to him.

One time ling yun went as far as getting a boquet of 99 roses to wait in front of girls dormitory entire day but still of no avail. Almost all school know of Ling yun's pursuit of yang shanshan.

"Hey, look there. Isn't that Ling yun, my god, How did he change so thin? Fuck, since when was he so handsome." A male student spoke.

Like an after wave all looked towards ling yun and exclaimed.Male were jealous but females had hearts in their eyes as they looked at him.

Seemingly, unconsurned about other's feelings, Ling yun walked upto his seat and sat down.

"Yo, our fatty changed appearences. It must be new way to propose to yang shanshan ha!"Benchmate of ling yun sneered as she saw ling yun sit down on the bench.

There was a beauty with black hair, winter school uniform on her white skin, her body was well developed.S shaped figure. silk black stockings in her legs and delicate white hands lying on her front book. Head tilted, staring at ling yun in his eyes.

This beauty was not Luo Qinglin then who was it.

"I said beauty , do you smell burning in air. I smell someone eating yang shanshan's vinegar. oh don't need to say it I know you either your maternal aunt came or your chest got big again.Let this uncle see!" Ling yun did not get angry instead teased back meanwhile extending his hand to the chest of Luo qinglin.


Luo qinglin slapped the dishonest hand of ling yun and said" Not concerned about face! Did you do your work. I am class leader if you did not work, i am not going to help you with the teacher."

No student paid attention to the bickering of the two as it was a common rotinue.

"Hey, look Yang Shanshan came." A student again spoke.

Again the attention of all students was directed at the gate of class room. There stood a beauty different from the intellectual Luo Qinglin. Her chest was almost equal to luo qinglin.By the estimate of Ling yun, It must be c+. Her face was cold, making it difficult for others to approach her. She was the famous Ice beauty in novels.

Luo qinglin was cold too but not on yang shanshan's level. Luo qinglin still reflected a gentle side to her but where ling yun knows her ge

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