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Naturally, the two hands belonged to Chen Xin and Luo Qinglin.

"Did I not save you from the car accident? It was Just an accident! " Bearing the pain on his waist, Ling Yun retorted to Hu Lili.

"You didn't pinched twice, before removing your hands off my chest, after the accident was over! Do you dare to swear to God, you are innocent? " Hu Lili showed no sign of backing down.

"What has not to dare, I only pinched once. Also , it was not even a pinch just a light push! " Just after he spat these words out, Ling Yun realised that he had been played by Hu Lili.

Just as expected, Ling Yun's both feet were stamped from both sides. Classmates spoke among themselves in whispers.

"Sexually harassing a girl, under the pretext of accident, really a pervert. "

"He already has Luo Qinglin but still is not satisfied! Mother fucker"

"Boys are really animals who only Ponder by their lower parts. "

" I don't have a girlfriend. Maybe , I should try this too! "

Different voices entered Ling Yun's ear. Wait, wait, last one was scary! Please! Schoolmate don't try it, or slap will greet your face!

Cough Cough!

"Student Ling Yun, saving is a good deed but please refrain from such acts you will spoil the name of our school. " The teacher, no shock, sided Hu Lili and continued :

" The front desk to Ling Yun has two empty seats with only Li Qian. If you don't mind, you both can sit there! Or have Li Qian move from there to a new a new seat! "

" Teacher, there will be no problem, Li Qian is a gentleman and will surely leave the seat for new classmates! " Chen Xin voiced in her pleasant voice to the teacher.

"Yes, schoolmate Li Qian will surely show compassion to new students! Right, Young Master Li!? " Luo Qinglin second the Chen xin's opinion and asked Li Qian smilingly.

"Right! Schoolmate Hu Lili and Schoolmate Fang Wen please!" How could Li Qian refuse the Request of Luo Qinglin. He was instead happy as she asked him for the favour. As for Ling yun, he paid him no heed. In Li Qian's eyes, Ling Yun was just a poor bastard who doesn't know what is good for him.

'Ling yun Oh Ling Yun, I don't even have to move, only your perverted nature will soon make Luo Qinglin repellent you. When she leaves you she will be mine, also the Li family will also belong to me.Ha Ha... ' Li Qian quietly laughed in his heart.

Ling Yun could guess the thoughts in Li Qian's heart but ignored his small role character. He was more focused on the future that will visit him daily on this seat!

while Ling Yun was quietly worrying, Hu Lili and Fang Wen took their seats on the empty desk, which Li Qian just vacated.

"Thank you for saving Lili! Though she is like this, she too is quite thankful to you at heart . I, introduce myself again, I called Fang Wen. Hoping a nice year together with you! " Shy polite voice scatters ling Yun's thoughts. Gaining ground, ling yun looked at the shy and amiable beauty who was b

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