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Ling yun helplessly looked at Xue Fengtian. He only gave himself a basic disguise, which was enough to deceive normal humans, but in front of a cultivator his true colors will be shown.

Ordinarily, ling yun will not mind showing his Identity to xue Fengtian. But the devil star Xue Mengyue was standing right next to him staring at Ling yun. If Ling yun showed his face, she will definitely realize him. Not to say ling yun is Li Na's friend, he recently was too popular because of his confession to Luo Qinglin.

Xue Mengyue was strange. She believed her grandfather's word that the front man was disgusting his appearance. Remembering how he scolded her, lasciviously stared at her body and even deceived her; Xue Mengyue suddenly bore a grudge against Ling yun.

' Let old lady know who you are! I, take oath, if I do not make your life hell, I am not surnamed Xue.' Xue Mengyue stared in her heart.

Lingyun did not know he was suddenly stared by an ominous star, which will turn his life upside down! He calmly maintained his sitting posture and spoke to Xue Fengtian :

" I have my reasons to maintain this appearance, please Excuse me. If you want, I can help you or either leave. "

Ling yun did not bother to hide anymore, but stated his bottom line directly.

"Please rest assured, I will not reveal half character about your appearance, neither will Xue Mengyue. Please excuse my Impoliteness. " Xue Fengtian stretched out his hand and touched the face of ling yun. Instantly, the disguise turned to dust.

Ling Yun could only watch helplessly as his face was revealed to the both. Both Xue Mengyue and Xue Fengtian were shocked to see the appearance of Ling yun.

Xue Fengtian thought that the front man was too young and handsome. He seemed about the age of his granddaughter. Ling yun had knowledge of medicine, so Xue Fengtian mind war ready to see middle aged man. Therefore, Ling Yun's appearence caught him by surprise.

On the other hand, Xue Mengyue covered her mouth with her hand. She recognized Ling yun. After the initial shock, anger and resentment filled her face. Without caring for her lady like appearence, she pounced at ling Yun grabbed his collar and shouted:

"Ling yun, big courage, you dare deceive old Lady, scolded old lady! I and you fight! " Xue Mengyue bit on ling yun's shoulder, only to make her teeth hurt! Tears appeared on the corner of her eyes due to the pain.

" Why do I not dare!? It is my life, how I live what does it relate your!? Also, we are not close, please don't cling to me! " Ling yun did not care for Xue Mengyue's feelings and harshly stared at her.

"Y-you, You.... " Xue Mengyue for quite a while could not find the words to retort.

" Mengyue, Sit down and tell grandpa, who is he? " Xue Fengtian spoke as he sensed that Xue Mengyue was about to cry.

Xue Mengyue, suffering from injustice, told ling yun's details to Xue Fengtian. She did not forget to add malicious remarks about ling yun in her speech, like how he has a leg with Li Na but still has other girlfriend and so on.

Ling yun did not care about Xue Mengyue's remarks to Xue Fengtian. To him, they would never have occurring together after this, so he was disinclined to pay attention her.

"Mr Ling Yun, I would like to ask how you will seal the Gu?" Xue Fengtian getting the gist of the story looked at ling yun. He was very curious about the method of ling yun to seal the Gu. He practiced medicine for long but did not know of the way.

"I will use Acupuncture to seal the Gu. " Ling yun said indifferently.

"Acupuncture, " Xue Fengtian's eyes brightened " Then let's us waste no time and start already. "

" Wait. I don't have Gold needles to be available. When I get them I will seal the Gu. " Ling yun stood up and prepared to leave. When Ling yun had just stood up, Xue Fengtian smiled and beckoned ling yun with his hand:

"Don't worry about Gold needles, I have my set here! Mengyue, go and bring my s

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