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theorific > Against The Heaven's Way > 3 Nine Yin Saint Body
king heard prophetess words shakes violently. If not his hands are hugging the daughter's body he might have fallen down directly.

Queen on the other side looks emptily as if soul has been pulled out of her body and there is no reason for existence any more.

Maids on the other hand covered mouth in shock.

Quick the king regained ground and asked prophetess hastily" How can my daughter be Nine Yin Saint Body?"

Prophetess too regained herself and calmly said" when the child with this physique is born she will have a cold body. Moreover, she will emit primal yin Qi. Only cultivators of profound dao will notice it. your , me are but ordinary people cannot realize it but my life is near end . Reason that I have peeked many times at heavenly dao, my body has air of heavenly dao and heavenly vision helping me recognize this nine yin saint body"

"If after 20 years this child has not broken body with a person with nine yang saint body she will die of the accumulated yin qi in her body"

"Is there no other way?" queen Yue'er this time asked suddenly.Cracks a joke! Nine Yang Saint Body is but legend! More difficult to find than the Nine Yin Saint Body. In hundred million you will find a Nine Yin Saint Body. But what is Nine yang saint body, It is but an extreme yang body opposite extreme Yin saint body.

The rarity but surpasses Nine Yin saint body by far. The reason being yin is a female's inner virtue and fuses the body of female can produce various yin bodies, like pure yin body, extreme yin body, profound yin body and finally Nine yin saint body.

Similarly, the yang bodies are so but despite yang being a man's inner virtue the fusion is not easy because man is a strange animal and heavenly dao made it so.Therefore to find the yang bodies difficulty rises several fold. In 100 million you may find but profound yang body but The extremity of yang Nine Yang saint Body in 1001 trillion may find one.

Since when was the Nine Yang Saint body a cabbage by roadside when thought when plucked. Therefore, most Nine Yin Saint Bodies either die not finding Nine Yang Saint Body Or use 100 profound Yang body Males as couldron furnaces to solve the Nine Yin Saint Body condition.

But female inborn proud where will choose second method only if she is a prostitute or a bitch in heat. Daughter of queen where will choose such shameful method, she would rather die than use such method

Therefore, Queen Yue'er asked in hope there is a method to preserve the future of her daughter.

Prophetess thought for a few time, silence filled the room, no one dared to breathe heavily as if afraid to disturb the thoughts of prophetess. Finally, prophetess sighed " There are means but more difficult than to find the Nine Yang Saint Body, The person must have the purest Bloodline of Primordial Azure Dragon God's then must carry on dual cultivation with princess"

"Then what to do?" King and Queen asked simultaneously.Cracks a joke! where is a dragon e

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