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The house in which Ling yun and his mother live in is a two story small house in a not too developed region of Sunan District. From this their family condition can be imagined.

Ling yun's mother works and earns 5,000 yuan a month, to provide living to herself and ling yun. With great difficulty, She managed to send ling yun to a third rate school and today in the morning she had gotten sick.

Ling yun's father was an Archeologist. He earned a decent amount but when ling yun was 3 years old, he died in a car accident. Since then, ling yun's mother has been taking care of all things.

Now, Ling yun was standing in his room. This room was a small one with 3 meter high roof, one single bed, a book shelf. The most peculiar thing about the bookshelf was that , it was filled with things except for books. Obviously, these were ling yun's father's things.

"Bathing is just a ruse for me to gain time. Sorry, mom for lying." Ling yun apologized in his heart then closed his eyes for a moment then energy filled his body. This was the energy of first layer Earth profound realm.

Lastly, ling yun was going to concort pill for his mother and Ling'er. According to his memories, before death, Ling yun's mother was losing the life essense of her body and would not live pass tomorrow.So, ling yun urgently needed to refine pill to save his mother.

But now, there were neither indredients nor pill furnace to make pill. Wait!! Ling yun looked at the book shelf and found the furnace of ancient times. The furnace was one meter high rude looking, life like animal shapes drawn on the outside of the furnace.

This furnace was given to Ling yun's father after they determined it did not have any historical significance. But according to Ling Yun 's inherited memories this was primordial pill God's furnace from ancient times. Others don't know but how could Ling yun not know after all he has that pill god's inheritance.

Soon, Ling yun stood before the furnace and dripped a drop of heart's blood on the furnace. Who knows till ancient times to present which great figures coverted this furnace, finally cheap Ling yun!

The furnace gave out dazzling lights, lifelike animal drawings moved on the furnace outer surface and gave a loud roar. Obviously only Ling yun could hear them as there was a sort of connection between furnace and him.

After a long time of wear and tear, the furnace rank has degraded to Nacent profound 2nd layer treasure. In The past this furnace was close to top treasue, naturally not including Seven heavenly treasures like his Samsara pendant. Seven Heavenly Treasures exist as the primordial chaos univerese exists and will never be ruined until all the primordial chaos is ruined.

"Luckily, I have Refiner god's inheritance and with my growth it soon will gain it's rank as that top grade pill furnace or even better." As furnace was still in the process of activation Ling yun began to think about the pill to refine.

In his memories

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