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theorific > Against The Heaven's Way > 28 Sealing The Gu
In a spacious room in the Villa; Ling yun, Xue Fengtian, Xue Mengyue were standing.

"Please remove your upper clothes, and lay down with front facing up. " Ling yun pointed to the nearby bed as he took out the needles from the jade box.

"Ms. Xue, go outside and guard the door, without my permission, you or no one must enter. I need full peace to concentrate my mind ,if there is slight distraction, it will be harmful to both your grandfather and me! " Ling yun while convenient ordered Xue Mengyue.

"Who, do you think you are to order me around!? I am staying here to watch over you. Who knows you attempt to ulterior motives to my grandpa! " Xue Mengyue angrily stared at ling yun.

Listening to Xue Mengyue, ling yun nearly coughed blood! This dead girl! ling yun wanted to see what is filled in the head of her. Even if he wanted to have ulterior motives, he would have chosen it to be a beauty!

Mother's fucking cunt! Did she injured her head in her childhood that her screws were loose!

Before long Yun reprimanded Xue Mengyue, Xue Fengtian, who had removed his shirt, spoke:

"Mengyue, do not make! Obediently go out! "

Xue Mengyue opened her eyes wide. She before had a misconception that her grandfather was being partial to ling yun. But after her grandfather spoke, she went out of the room!

Before leaving, she did not forget to turn around and split her tongue to ling yun.

Ling Yun stood there in daze, thinking that Xue Mengyue turned hostile too fast.

"Mr. Ling yun please start" Xue Fengtian broke ling yun's thoughts. Ling yun turned to see Xue Fengtian, bare front, lying down on the bed.

Ling Yun wasted no time, holding the needles in his hand, he skillfully pierced the front accupoints of Xue Fengtian's body. The needles had purification aura of Sky poison pearl and small amount of dragon's prestige. Ling yun, stimulated his profound energy to use the Sky Poison pearl and dragon's prestige and cover the needles with them!

Xue Fengtian marvelled at the technique of Ling yun. He too was a medicine practioner and skilled at accupunture. If he said he was second in accupunture, no one would dare claim first. But in front of ling yun, Xue Fengtian felt inferior. If Xue Fengtian's skill could be said first on earth, then ling yun's technique was without peer in Heaven's and Earth.

Slowly, Xue Fengtian felt his pain decrease. There was a time when Gu tried to revolt. Indescribable pain assaulted him, sweat filled his body and drenching his clothes wet. But short ten breaths later, the pain vanished. Xue Fengtian felt his cultivation to slowly restore.

There was no longer any hindrance in his body implying that the Gu has successfully been sealed!

Ling yun breathed a sigh of relief as the Gu was sealed. Clear drops of sweat illuminated his forehead. The process was clearly taxing on him as his cultivation was not high. Ling yun removed the needles from the Chest of Xue Fengtian.

As soon as the n

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