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"Fuck! Later half of father's day is how so bad! First the devil now a broken Vase. Who did father annoy! Curse you the one who gave me bad luck." Ling yun shouted angrily as he walked towards home in large strides.


"Shanshan, how? , Did you catch a cold?" Yang shanshan's mother asked worriedly.

"Nothing, mom , must have been dust. " Yang shan shan replied rubbing her nose, while convenient cursing quietly in her heart, ' Dead ling yun smelly ling yun , may you hit a car, may you die like a dog, may something hit on your head. Amen!'

"Ni Cheng, tomorrow ask cleaners to clean here carefully." Yang shanshan's mother said to the nearby beautifully dressed 18-19 year beauty.

"Ok, mom." Ni cheng replied while spitting out her tongue to her mother.

After Ling Yun , reached home through bus, Ling Yun is poor and cannot afford taxi, also yesterday his cycle broke down so he had to use bus.

After entering home, Lingyun did a long stretch and walked to his room. Entering his room, Lingyun walked into his bed and sat cross-legged on it to practice cultivation.

This time a mutation suddenly occurred. Black smoke attacked towards Lingyun's soul.

"Haha! This old man finally got out of the imprisonment of stupid vase. Also, found a carrier with real devil core, Heaven's really bless me. " An old voice resounded from Ling Yun's soul seemingly complacent with Ling Yun's body.

" Old fox get lost from father's body. "At this time Ling Yun also started counter attack.

"Brat don't be so happy. I will seize your body, soon will have revenge on those old fogies, dares to kill this place's main body. Bitches , hope that this place doesn't find you or you will definitely not feel better." That old voice continued his attack on Ling Yun's soul.

When, Lingyun fell into hopeless situation the devil core inside the Ling Yun's body started to absorb the soul of old person.

"No, How did I forget the the function of devil core. It can absorb the soul of person. No, I don't want dead. I Luo De the one generation of Luocha (Rakshasa) sect master, many people feared me I such will not die. No!" Saying, Luo De burst his soul to fragments,any fragments were absorbed by devil core but a small part was left behind. This small part posed no threat to ling yun.

"Ahem, dares to have plans on father's soul will not feel relieved at all. " Ling Yun said as he wiped the remnant of sweat from his forehead.

Though the fight seemed small but it ruined the whole room of ling yun. All things inside the room were scattered.

"Mother-fucker now father have to clean all this. Well, what is this? " As Ling Yun was cleaning a green orb entered the sight of Ling Yun. As long Yun was observing the green orb, a memory flashed inside the ling yun's mind this was the memory of medicine god and pill god.

The Seven Heavenly Treasures, have Sky poison Pearl. It is placed 6th in ranking of heavenly treasures. It's abilities are releasing poison which can kill even god's, But another of it's most important use is that it can refine medicine ingredients to hundred percent degree, Also it can purify poison of all kinds.

Although, pill god's furnace is good, but one usually have to refine medicine ingredients itself, also the ingredients placed in Pearl will not rot.

Now, this green bead was not the sky poison pearl then what was it. Somehow, it had lost it's poison and was now under the condition of restoration.

"Hey, I really have blessings of goddess of luck. I have two of the Seven Heavenly treasures now. Father you really in heavens are giving me good gifts.Two treasures and and Qiuyue, really your death is not in vain. Your son will show filial piety and accept all these gifts for myself. " Ling Yun seemingly have forgotten the devil Rosie and the bad luck of yesterday, therefore he is confidently saying idiotic things.

wasting no further time, ling yun started to carry out m

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