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theorific > Against The Heaven's Way > 20 Change in Clothes! Death of Guo Huai!
" Oh, I was just teasing you, look at your response. " Lin Youyou moved away. She looked at her clothes and said: "Well, my clothes seem different from before. Mr. Ling yun can help me? "

Lin Youyou changed sly after all the incidents. She now even dared to tease him. Luckily, she met a gentleman or by now she would have been pressed by a cultivator beneath his crotch.

"I can't seem to Identify the change but one thing is for sure that it can cover your nine profound exquisite body aura. If one doesn't investigate clearly, one will not be able to identify your body. From my conclusion, these clothes have concealing effect and have changed to a 8th level True profound treasure. "

"Also, But if the cultivator is above the rank of these clothes, he will be able to realize the aura on your body. " Ling yun said seriously as he observed the white clothes of Lin Youyou.

If ordinary human has the Nine Profound exquite body, She will release an aura. This aura can only be recognized by someone who has the clear understanding of this physique. As the person starts cultivation to higher boundaries, this aura will get more and more pale difficult to realize.

As Long Yun slowly recalled more information about the special physique, he was startled by the noise of Lin Youyou.

"Oh! "

Ling yun raised the head and saw that the white clothes changed color, then changed to all different types of clothing. He looked at the face of Lin Youyou, she seemed like a baby who found a new toy. She smiled a smile which ling yun could bet was the brightest smile he has seen today! At the same he was relaxed to see that there was no trauma left on her because of today's event.

Lin Youyou was really surprised at the change of her clothes. There seemed a special connection between them like it was a part of her body. At first, she tried to imagine different color to clothes. Succeeding in changing the color, she tried to imagine various types of clothes of different shapes and sizes. To her surprise, the clothes responded to her will and changed to all desired shapes and sizes.

Finally, she changed them to a short black skirt, revealing her beautiful long legs, and red coat. With a look of askance, she looked up to ling yun.

"Um. These clothes have this function too! Interesting, Interesting!" Ling yun did not reply to her but contemplated to himself. He, now was like a treasure refiner lookig at a good treasure.

Treasures which could change shape, size and colors were not rare but to provide this on just a thought and no use of profound energy was simply amazing. It must be noted that Lin Youyou was only a normal human who has not yet entered cultivation. But the clothes looked to be in a sync with her.

This was a realm ling yun could not reach at least not the current ling yun could.

"Hey, reply me when I ask you! "Lin Youyou pouted cutely and whited her eyes at Ling yun. Ling Yun had the impulsion to throw her down on the

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