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Ding dong!

Guanyu University resounded a bell. This bell was the signal for the gates to be closed forbid late students' entry. The scattered students also started to enter their respective classrooms.

The gate keeper of the school, started to push the sliding entrance gate to lock it and forbid the students' entry. As the gate keeper was sliding the gate to close it, a running figure came into his line of sight. It seemed to shouting something but as the distance was too far, he did not hear it.

"Do not close the gate! Hey, Hey are you listening! " As long Yun saw the gate being closed, he once again shouted at his loudest voice.

This time the gate keeper heard it clearly. But unexpectedly, he started to increase the speed of closing the gate!


By the time he reached the gate, Ling Yun saw that the gate was shut. The gate was 4 meter high to avoid someone to jump over it and enter the gate.

Ling Yun backed a few steps , slightly crouched putting strength into his legs and jumped up like an arrow leaving the bow.

Under the dumbfounded gaze of gate keeper, ling Yun somersaulted in the air and elegantly landed on the ground. Luckily, all students had left the grounds or this performance had enlivened the school,and also risked to release the cultivator status of ling yun in smart people's eyes.

"Safe. " Ling Yun lightly smiled, and ran towards his classroom, without caring for the gate keeper who was standing ,leaning on ,the gate and rubbing his eyes as of refusing to believe what happened before him. When he one again looked and saw no shade, he breathed a sigh of relief and continued his duty.

As Long Yun Walked to his class, other side on the road, a classy car was smoothly being driven towards the school. Inside the carriage, a 18 year old lady in school uniform was sitting talking on the phone. Her voice was pleasant to hear . She was sitting in an elegant posture, one leg over the other, covered with woolen black stockings to protect from cold. Her height could not be accurately measured as she was sitting, but without a doubt if was close to one meter seventy one-two.

Her black hair were shining under the rays of sun and her plentiful chest was moving up and down as she breathed while talking to the phone. Her chest was big C+ cup at the least. White jade like neck, peony like face and charming voice, who this was if not the great superstar Chen Xin.

At this moment she was talking to her father.

"Treasure, your new album is ready to be sold, when would you like for company to sell it. " Chen Xin's father asked kindly seeking the opinion of his treasured daughter.

Entertainment career is shady business. An actress has to sleep with various big personalities to succeed. If one does not have a solid background, one will not succeed in entertainer business. Many rich men have a quirk to sleep with beautiful entertainment industry stars, and they pay millions to have them

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